Chase McNary, 27, is a medical sales representative from Denver, Colorado. Chase wowed JoJo Fletcher by producing snow, as an homage from his hometown, during the cocktail party as they sat and talked together on the second week. He gave her some gloves to keep her warm.

On their subsequent one-on-one date, Chase and JoJo had a sexy yoga class together, which was probably more embarrassing for Chase than he let on, because of his religious beliefs.

JoJo liked 6’3” Chase because she felt safe and secure with him. She mentioned that after she’d known him for a week, she had already begun to feel close to him, and Chase said during this date, that he really was looking for the right woman to spend the rest of his life with.

This is the start of something amazing. I can feel it.

JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelorette 2016

Chase made the sweetest confession during his two-on-one date when he told JoJo that he had come to the Bachelorette to find her. JoJo had to make a decision between Chase and Derek during this date in Buenos Aires, Argentina. JoJo chose Chase over Derek, and Derek cried quite a bit during his limo ride away.

Chase McNary loves horses. That’s plain to see. When he first met JoJo, he rode up on a horse.

He enjoys a good view, while others enjoy his view.

This is how much Chase McNary likes lions. Got it?

Chase really likes ions A LOT.

Chase McNary has good genes. His mother looks like she could be sister.