K. Michelle’s restaurant, Puff and Petals Lounge, opened in May 2017, and I visited on Saturday during the Memorial Day weekend. The restaurant is located at 367 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta; it’s in the historic Sweet Auburn area.

A line of traffic moved slowly along the road right in front of Puff and Petals, I spied a sign hawking public parking and decided to head in there to avoid taking my chances, trying to find another park, and having trouble getting to the restaurant. Luckily, it isn’t too far off of I-75, but there are some one-way streets around, so be aware of that.

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Exterior of K. Michelle's Restaurant, Puff and Petals Lounge in Atlanta

K. Michelle’s Restaurant Puff and Petals Lounge Atlanta, Georgia

So, I parked in the lot directly across the street from Puff and Petals. The attendant told me that it was $20 and I thought I wasn’t hearing him right. There didn’t appear to be events going on. I paid the $20 and walked across the street. Thank goodness that Georgia law states that vehicles must stop when people are in the crosswalk. When the evening ended, by the way, I overheard the attendant telling another guy that there was a lot next to his that was charging $10.

When I made it across the street to the restaurant, I immediately got in the back of the small line, but another patron informed me that I should see the security guard and put my name on the list. The security guard went inside and beckoned for me to follow him in. As soon as I entered, the server seated me at the bar.  I asked for sweet tea, but there wasn’t any, so I ordered pink lemonade. I needed to be sharp to navigate Atlanta’s streets at night, and I worried about driving at night with all of the construction on the highways.

Antonio, a bartender for Puff and Petals took my order. I ordered Charlotte’s Ribs, babyback ribs with honey barbecue sauce and the lobster mac and cheese. Antonio presented my ribs a glass birdhouse. It was an impressive display. I heard one of the other customers say, “Look, it’s in a birdhouse. How cute!”

Image of ribs from K. Michelle’s Restaurant, Puff and Petals lounge, By Claudine Williams, Travel Editor


The Food

I had to wait at least 20 minutes to get my food, so I was really hungry when it finally arrived. Now, I would have to say that the ribs were a tad salty, but they were tender and generously coated with sauce. I ate them, and I didn’t complain.

K. Michelle’s Restaurant, Puff Lounge in Atlanta, Charolette’s Ribs

I practically devoured the Lobster Mac and Cheese. It was so rich and creamy. I know that I going to have to go back and have it again. The crab cakes are also on my list.

Lobster Mac and Cheese at K. Michelle’s Restaurant, Puff and Petals Lounge, photo by Claudine Williams

Although I decided not to drink, I saw plenty of tempting concoctions like the Honeycomb, one of the dessert cocktails at Puff and Petals. It’s made with Jack Honey, Simple Syrup, Nutmeg, and Honey and Cream.

Inside Puff and Petals

I read that there is a 90-minute time limit, but I really didn’t keep track of the time that I was inside. No one asked me to leave, and I didn’t really keep track of the time. I’m sure that things would be different if I was sitting in a booth.

Now, sitting at the bar to eat wasn’t  very comfortable. It seemed as though the seat was either too low or the bar was a little too high.  Once I finished the ribs and mac and cheese, I didn’t have any room for the sweet potato fries that came with the ribs.  When I was ready to go, I asked for the bill, and it came up to about $32.99, the 18% tip was included.

As of right now, Puff and Petals seats only about 40 people in the restaurant (on the ground level) the upstairs level is still under construction and it’s 3,000 square feet. You should expect to wait to get in and/or to get your food when visiting, at least until the upper level is completed. I do not know what is planned for the upper level.

Puff and Petals Lounge and Restaurant in Atlanta K. Michelle's restaurant

Inside  K. Michelle’s Restaurant, Puff and Petals Lounge, photo by Claudine Williams

inside Puff and Petals Restaurant and Lounge Booth at Puff and Petals

Image of a pink booth at K. Michelle’s Restaurant, Puff and Petals Lounge, photo by Claudine Williams

Puff and Petals Lounge in Atlanta Georgia K. Michelle's restaurant