Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 6 Episode 10 resumed at Vinny’s on Windward. Joseline Hernandez, Jessica Dime, and Melissa Scott caught up with each other, and after several years of not speaking with her, Joseline agreed to have a conversation with Karlie Redd.

In the next scene, Karlie Redd went to Yung Joc’s place to tell him that it wasn’t cool that he was seeing Tommie without telling her, and Joc admitted that he knew that Tommie was just hanging around him because she was trying to make Karlie jealous. Joc said that he had never been intimate with Tommie, and after Karlie finished crying about her frustration over men treating her foully, she managed to invite Joc to her store opening in Alpharetta.

Next, fans saw Rasheeda Frost at her Pressed store was not pleased that her mother made an announcement at the club. Shirleen Harvell said that she stood up to Kirk Frost, because someone had to do it. Kirk had been  embarrassing Rasheeda  all through Atlanta. She says that she has been thinking about a divorce, but hadn’t made up her mind. The kids were an issue. Rasheeda at her store was not pleased that her mother made an announcement at the club. Shirleen said that she stood up to Kirk; someone had to do it since he had been embarrassing Rasheeda all through Atlanta. She says that she has been thinking about getting divorced from Kirk, but hadn’t made up her mind. The kids were an issue, since she didn’t want to break up her home.

Then the cameras took the show to the Cast Iron where Tommie met up with Lovely Mimi. Tommie explained that this wasn’t the time for her to fight with Karlie Redd (and Karlie knew that she could get away with provoking Tommie).  Tommie was trying to steer clear of trouble since she was out on bail. She opened up about her mother and how she wanted to mend things.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Tommie Lee, photo courtesy of VH1

At Café Bombay in North Druid Hills, Karen King met up with Samantha, Tommie’s mother.  KK, suggested that Samantha stop drinking and get counseling, but Samantha insisted that alcohol wasn’t an issue.

At Sip the Experience, Joseline met with Stevie J. Stevie offered to take care of Bonnie while Joseline was away in L.A. shooting the Real.  Joseline said that her sister was going to watch the baby.


Rasheeda, Bambi, Karlie, Mimi Faust, and Tammy Rivera had a bonfire to release their hurt. They each told their stories and threw  significant items in the fire. Rasheeda threw her diamond necklace in the fire.

Finally, Karlie got together with Melissa, Jessica, and Joseline to settle things.  Joseline started things out by saying that she was a messy bitch and the mouth of the south. Joseline also called her a dog.  She even accused her of sleeping with Stevie. Karlie found that she couldn’t have conversation with Joseline, so she walked out of the room. Will she return?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Karlie Redd, photo courtesy of VH1

Reality TV Restaurant Focus Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

The Cast Iron is the Reality TV restaurant focus for Season 6, Episode 10. This is the restaurant where Tommie and Lovely Mimi met to discuss Tommie’s drama with her mama and her beef with Karlie Redd. Karlie and Tommie had a spat after Karlie confronted Yung Joc about seeing Tommie.

The Cast Iron offers new American cuisine with plenty of seasonal offerings. It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to 11 pm and on Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.


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