Dorothy might not be the Maid of Honor, but it looked like she was the Maid of Dishonor in the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. The appropriately named episode, Dorothy and Morgan’s friendship cracked. The Maid of Dishonor episode aired on May 8, 2016 on E!

Last looks 🎬

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Episode 2, Season 4 of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills opened with EJ and his sister Elisa. The two went to the Jeep Mercedes dealer. In this heartwarming scene, Elisa tried to choose a jeep for him. EJ allowed Elisa to do the driving for the test drive, and they both must have seen an attractive man driving next to them, because Elisa waved at him. EJ explained that his sister likes a mess of a man and he doesn’t. Those two definitely did not see eye-to-eye when it came to men. It was a typical case of an older brother trying to keep maintain privacy from his younger sister. Elisa asked about her room in EJ’s apartment, and EJ told her that his guest room was not ready yet.

Trying on Dresses at Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka offered a private mother-of-the-bride fitting for Morgan’s mother. Her mother made her big reveal wearing a bridal gown, and Morgan wasn’t having that. Morgan had a talk with her mother. She explained that she got into an argument with Brendan and he decided to go to his planned trip to Europe early. Her mother told her that most of the time, Brendan’s probably right.

Then Morgan moved on to talk about her friend Zahra being her maid of honor. They had been friends since at least the seventh grade. Morgan’s mother asked her daughter if Dorothy was going to be hurt, and she said, no.

Then at Rise Nation, and exercise studio, Dorothy and Jonny went to work out together. Dorothy talked about when she met Bianca for the first time. Apparently they had some good times at Liv Nightclub in Miami.

In the next scene, Morgan invited her friends out to be a part of her bridal party at the restaurant, Hinoki and the Bird. Everyone received gift boxes with jewelry to celebrate their friendship, and everyone seemed to be happy about participating in the wedding, but that was going to change.

Cold and Thirsty

Dorothy and Bianca went to the cryotherapy area.They both got into freezing cold chambers in the nude.  It’s a new thing that’s supposed to be good for your health.

Dorothy and Bianca sat down to talk to each other in the juice bar, since Cold and Thirsty is a juice bar in addition to providing cryotherapy servies.  Bianca asked her about her relationship with Quincy and Dorothy said that Quincy and her ended things. Sometimes Dorothy said that she felt sad. Sometimes she felt relieved, and sometimes she just appreciated what they had. Bianca suggested that they go on a getaway to New York.

Tantra Friends

EJ and Morgan went to Inbody Tantra. It’s located in the owner’s home. EJ said that the class was sort of like research for him, because he was exploring relationships and self-expression. He took Morgan with him so she could learn some things to take into her bedroom.  They learned something new about energy and their bodies, but it wasn’t too sexual.

Dorothy went to the Viceroy L’Ermitage to a suite where Morgan was to reveal her choices for bridesmaids dresses.  Friends Alex, Samantha and Kathryn were to try on their dresses. Dorothy had to leave the party early to go to New York, and Morgan was highly upset.

Dorothy might have felt a little bad that she left the fitting, because she had to explain that she was not sure whether or not Morgan would appreciate Bianca’s personality, so she had never invited her along with them.

EJ and Kyle

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Back in California, EJ was hanging out with Kyle, one of his best friends from New York. They made a Periscope video. People asked a bunch of crazy questions, and EJ said that he loved it, and he said it would help him in his own relationships.

Minus 5 Degrees

Cocktails anyone? #chillin

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Morgan and Bianca and another friend went to the vodka bar, Minus 5 Degrees. The friends wore their fur coats in the beautiful ice bar. Dorothy explained that she was definitely not a wedding planner nor the maid of honor,  so she didn’t have to dedicate the next six months of her life to Morgan’s wedding.


At Thibiant Beverly Hills Spa, Morgan and Jonny spent some time relaxing and getting a couple of beauty treatments. Morgan had a hand treatment and Jonny had a facial. Morgan explained that she was disappointed that Dorothy went to New York during her bridesmaids dress fitting. Jonny thought that Morgan and Bianca could be friends for awhile, anyway. said he thought that Morgan and Bianca would get along until they didn’t get along any more.

Jonny wanted to show Morgan the good time the girls were having in New York.  Morgan got upset again.

Dorothy had even arranged for her picture with Bianca to be posted in Times Square. They looked like Best Friends, and that picture couldn’t have made Morgan feel any better.

In Another Part of Town…

EJ’s sister called him, and was concerned about the Periscope experience, but EJ was confident that he spoke with his mother about everything and since he’s an adult, he felt that he could talk about whatever he wanted.

Smile Jonny You’re on Camera

Jonny had a photoshoot and Brooke hung out with him and chatted with him about his career goals.


Next, the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills filmed at La Tavola Fine Linens, where Brooke looked for linens for her wedding tables. Dorothy showed up and Morgan was upset that she was late. She was also still angry about Dorothy leaving her fitting early. She explained that she really wanted her to be a part of the whole thing. “It’s a really big event. It’s not like this is my birthday party. This is my wedding,” she said.

Dorothy said that she couldn’t stay to see the other seven girls try on their dresses. She had other things to do, and she didn’t appreciate Morgan being sassy to her. Dorothy explained that she shouldn’t come to the events if they were going to make Morgan unhappy. Morgan agreed, and Dorothy left.

Bianca and Mom

Bianca had dinner with her mother, Ann, and her mother told her that Brendan asked Bianca’s brother, Jordan to be his best man. The trouble was that in the past, Brendan lied and told her brother that she was a hooker. Jordan told their parents. Her mother Ann said that she never believed what he said. Bianca said the Brendan showed that he was not the brother that she thought.


Travel Destination Focus for the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills always shows off some of the best destinations to visit. For this episode, Minus 5 Degree Ice Experience, is the filming location that stood out from the rest.


Travel Destination Focus Minus 5 Ice Bar


Dorothy and Bianca had a cool time at the Minus 5 Ice Bar in New York. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills enjoyed cocktails at Minus 5. Although they wore their own coats to keep warm, Minus 5 has coats, gloves and hats to rent at different price levels.


Minus 5 Ice Bar featured Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Minus5 Ice Bar Interior 6 Las Vegas


Minues 5 New York

Minus 5 New York


Minus 5 NYC Bar was on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Minus 5 NYC Bar was featured on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills


Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang were at Minus 5 Bar in New York

The New York City Room at Minus 5, where Morgan and Dorothy had cocktails


Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Dorothy Wang and Morgan visited this New York City bar, Minus 5

Minue 5 Bar Broadway Wall. The #RichKids of Beverly Hills, Dorothy and Bianca visited this New York Bar.


Minus 5 Bar

Minus 5 Bar