Peter Gunz has finally made a decision between Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace, maybe. In Season 7, Episode 13, Peter asked Amina for a divorce, and Amina, who had moved to California with the kids, agreed that she had to severe that tie with Peter.


Back in Mexico at the Pyramid at the Grand Oasis, Yandy when to JuJu’s room and insisted that her friend talk to her.  JuJu was still reeling at Yandy’s accusation that she’d used information from Yandy’s life her her book. JuJu allowed Yandy to say what she’d come to say, and Yandy told her that she was merely asking if JuJu had used any information about her in the book. JuJu’s anger stemmed from Yandy thinking that she’d do such a dishonest thing.

Also, on the resort, Cardi B. had a heart-to-heart talk with her sister, Hennessy about her career goals.  Hennessy had set her heart on becoming a fashion designer, but Cardi was afraid that she wasn’t working hard enough to reach her goal. Hennessy assured her that she had a plan and was following through on all that she had to do for her fashion line. Cardi B. seemed satisfied with that.

Rich Dollaz shared with his daughter, news of the launch of his Creep Squad clothing line, but Ashley wasn’t thrilled with the idea at all. She didn’t think that it was a good idea to glamorize being a creep, and to set her father on the right path, she decided to set him up on a blind date with a suitable woman. Rich went to dinner and waited for his date, only to find out that his daughter had set him up with his ex, Ashley’s mother.

Then at Gloo in the West Village, Samantha continued to rant about Yandy to her mother and Erika. This time, her beef was that Yandy didn’t help her plan a birthday party. Samantha later met with Yandy, this time to invite her to the birthday party as a guest (a demotion from a party-planner, supposedly). Yandy decided not to come, but her friend Kimbella did. Kimbella, wasn’t welcomed, however. An argument broke out since the crew thought that Yandy had sent Kimbella to the party to cause trouble, but Kimbella said that coming to the party was her idea. Her own children were friends with Samantha’s son.

Finally, Remy Ma decided to have a heart-to-heart talk with Fat Joe about her future. They usually kept their talks at the business level. After Remy revealed that she wanted to have a baby in the near future with her husband, Papoose,  Fat Joe supported her and said that she could mother her infant and expand her career.