The latest episode of the Braxton Family Values, Don’t Jump the Gun, which aired beginning at 9 p.m. on June 2, 2016, Trina met with Towanda at Trina’s Bar Chix restaurant. Trina told her sister that a man had been stalking and had spent hours waiting for Trina at her restaurant. Towanda strongly advised her against it.

Traci was the keynote speaker for a National Kidney Foundation event. Her mother, Evelyn, joined her at the event. Traci revealed that she was having her hysterectomy in a few days, and she was concerned about how her body was going to react during the event. Traci was extremely nervous, so nervous that she could barely read the script for the speech. When she relaxed, she was able to get through it, though. She said that she ended up having a good time at the event.

At Fogo de Chao Restaurant, Tamar and Toni went to spy on their mother’s date. Towanda, Trina and Traci arranged a date for Evelyn, with the help of a matchmaker. Evelyn was happy to get to know her date and needless to say she felt very uncomfortable with her daughters crashed it.


Trina went to War Games, a simulated tactical training facility. She wanted to get a gun to protect herself and want to prove to Towanda that she could handle a firearm. Towanda was completely against her sister getting a gun. Towanda and Traci showed up at the facility wearing spandex and heels. Those two were up against Trina in the tactical game. Of course Towanda and Traci won the game. It was two against one.

Trina Braxton talked about the perils of being a celebrity on Braxton Family Values

Trina Braxton talked about the perils of being a celebrity on Braxton Family Values

Next, Tamar and Toni went to Bar Chix to eat and chat with Trina. They told Trina about their mother’s date and how they crashed it (because they were concerned about her dating a stranger).

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Trina was irritated, because she felt that they crashed the date because she was trying to set Evelyn up with someone in Atlanta, as opposed to California. To avoid an argument, Trina didn’t say too much, but Tamar voiced her opinion that their mother should be in California, because she needed someone to be with her all the time. Tamar felt that although their mother felt more comfortable in Atlanta, she wouldn’t get the attention that she needed there. Evelyn mother had a mini stroke, and all of the Braxton sisters were concerned about her health. The sisters who live in Atlanta wanted her to stay in that city, while Toni and Tamar wanted their mother to spend at least six months in California.

Tamar Braxton, Braxton Family Values, Photo courtesy of WE tv

Tamar Braxton, Braxton Family Values, Photo courtesy of WE tv

Tamar Braxton Talks About The Real on the Braxton Family Values

Tamar opened up about what happened to her on The Real. She was fired suddenly, because the production crew said that she didn’t along with the rest of the cast. Tamar was shocked, because she never felt as though they had a problem with her, and she thought of them as her friends. She crumpled into tears in Toni’s arms, because she felt that the public would think that it was her fault that she got fired. Toni advised her sister to be strong. She told her that it was okay to cry for a couple of days, because the situation hurt her, but then she had to pick up the pieces.

“I felt disrespected. I felt let down, because there had never been a conversation,” Tamar said. “There had never been a conversation about, okay, ‘we don’t like the way things have been going.’”

Braxton Family Values Travel Destination Focus: Bar Chix

Trina Braxton’s Bar Chix restaurant opened in the fall of 2015 and it’s the travel destination focus. Try the barbecued oxtails with fried grits, fried truffle mac and cheese balls, lamb chops and arugula, and chicken and waffles.

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Barbecued Ox Tails and Fried Grits


Have you tried our #OxtailsAndFriedGritCake ? #BARCHIX

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Fried Truffle Mac and Cheese Balls

@chef_rob26 Fried Truffle Mac N Cheese Balls

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Seafood Blend

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Lamb Chop and Arugula Salad


Have you tried our #LambChop served on a Arugula salad with Pineapple sauce? #BARCHIX

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Porcupine Meatballs

Porcupine Meatballs w/Zesty Tomato Parmesan Sauce and Ricotta Cheese #BARCHIX

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Chicken and Waffles


Red Velvet Waffle and Chicken w/Powdered Sugar and Maple Syrup #BARCHIX

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Photo of Tamar Braxton courtesy of the Tamar Collection

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