On the final leg of the Amazing Race, which aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time  on Friday, May 13, 3016 on CBS.  The teams flew, Premium class from China to Los Angeles where they had to go to Angelus Plaza  to get their clue. They had to jump off a tower and grab the clue which was dangling 170 feet off of the ground.

They had to leap and grab the clue. The Matt, of the Dancers got their clue on the first try. They were then transported by helicopter to Santa Barbara where they had to search for the clue among docked boats. It was onboard the Teresa Ann and being held by a fisherman. Tyler did the jump for Tyler and Korey. Sheri was so scared, she said Oh My God at least a dozen times. Sheri jumped and missed, but she was willing to do it again. Tyler missed, too.

Who will win #AmazingRace & one million dollars? Hopefully teams are not afraid of heights! Season finale tonight 8/7c

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She got it on the next try. The clue was placed closer and closer each time they jumped to get it, so they didn’t have to jump as far.
In Santa Barbara there appeared to be thousands of boats in the water. Dana and Matt were the first to get there, so they went out on a dinghy to search. Dana and Matt found the clue with no problems, and read that they had to go to and find their next clue.
First Sheri and Cole thought the Teresa Anne was a museum and they went right by the boat. Dana and Matt let their taxi go, so they had to wait for another one. Meanwhile Sheri and Cole figured out that they were looking for a boat and not a museum. Sheri spotted it first. “Cole, Teresa Anna!” she yelled. They passed it twice, and finally grabbed it from the fisherman. Sheri and Cole had their taxi waiting for them, but the driver didn’t know where Gibraltar Rock was. Tyler and Korey took the taxi that Sheri and Cole discarded, and she still didn’t know where she was going, even when they gave her Google Maps.
Dana and Matt found a taxi first, and made it to the rock. Their clue asked them if they were ready to do some Mountaineering. Rising 1200 feet over Rattlesnake Canyon. One teammate had to use his or her arms to climb across the mountains and get half of their clue. Their partner will lower his/her teammate. When they are both down on the ground, they will get the second part of their clue.
Sheri and Cole were on their heels, and once Dana and Matt had their clue, Sheri and Cole was right there at the rock. Tyler and Korey were still trying to get their taxi driver to go the right way.

Dana and Matt finished the rock climbing and their clue told them to go to the Grassini Family Vineyards.  They got there, but they couldn’t find the clues, sticking out of a bale of hay. Their clue told them to put all of the places that they visited in order with their hashtags. Dana did the Roadblock.
And she completed it in record time, but they couldn’t find the Pit Stop. Cole came up and worked on the destinations. He knew them all. Meanwhile, Dana and Matt found the lake where Phil and the other racers were waiting for them. They won $1 million. Sheri and Cole finished second.