Love & Hip Hop Hollywood spent most of their time in the recording studio during this episode, although the show started off with a bang when Omarion gave the deets about his manhood during a conversation at the GraceFull Birthing Center, the center that helped the couple bring their baby boy into the world through natural childbirth.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood S1

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast S1: Photo courtesy of VH1

Omarion told the world that he is not circumcised, and he spoke with Apryl about the talk that he had with his mother about his mom’s attendance when the baby was born. The scene shifted to Teairra and Yung Berg.


Conway Recording Studios

Teairra was recording at Conway Recording Studios in Hollywood. The studio has all the bells and whistles, including a garden to get away and come up with some creative. Teairra and Yung Berg discussed their musical collaboration in the studio. Yung Berg was also doing some flirting, but Teairra wasn’t into it.


Crescent  Hotel

Nia, Soulja Boy and Teddy Riley got together at the Crescent Hotel to reveal that Nia and Soulja Boy were planning to move in together.  Nia had already spoken about her relationship to her sisters. Teddy Riley didn’t look thrilled to be on this episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood finding out that his daughter was planning to move in with someone. The Crescent Hotel is a 4-star hotel that was built in 1927.  It’s only a couple of blocks away from Rodeo Drive. The three met up at an outdoor space at the hotel. Just in case you are interested in spending the night and sightseeing in Beverly Hills, the Crescent Hotel has an Itty Bitty Room (that’s really the name of the room) for $99. It’s 130 square feet and comes with all of the hotel amenities, including complimentary wardrobe steaming.


Studio City Sound

Teairra when to see Ray J. at a studio after she heard that he had been arrested. The studio is owned by Tom Weir, who won a Grammy for his mixing skills. According to the Studio City Sound website, Michael Jackson recorded there. The studio has a professional staff of mixers to assist artists. It was at this studio that Ray J. treated Teairra as though she was never a factor in his life.

Also in this episode, of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Yung Berg and Hazel E. argued at an undisclosed location in an SUV. In next week’s episode Masika flirts with Yung Berg, but where did it happen? Find out right here.



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