The Manta opened a new underwater room in Africa. The underwater hotel room features three levels, a top level for sunbathing, a mid-level area, for lounging, and an underwater room in the sub-level of the hotel. You can wake up with sea life swimming around you and bask in the beautiful aqua blue water of the water. The Manta’s Underwater Room has a 360 degree view, of course. The rate for a double underwater hotel room is $750 per person per night and $900 for a single room.

Aside from the spectacular underwater room, the Manta has garden rooms and seafront villas on its all-inclusive property. The all-inclusive rate includes one massage per guest in the resort’s spa as well as meals and laundry. Scuba diving and trips that guest might elect to take are not part of the all-inclusive rate. Part of the reason why the Manta is all-inclusive is simply because there isn’t much around the resort. The island doesn’t have many paved roads.

The Manta is on Pemba island, a remote island near Tanzania in East Africa. Guests usually access the island via chartered flights or sea ferries from Tanzania. The chartered flights are the more convenient method to travel, while the sea ferry is the least expensive mode of travel to the island.

Photo Courtesy of the Manta Underwater Room

Occupants can watch the divers swim by.


Manta Underwater Rom

Photo courtesy of the Manta Underwater Room


Manta Underwater Room

Photo courtesy of the Manta Underwater Room


Photo Courtesy of the Manta

The Manta Underwater Room is like a private island.

Inside view of the Manta Underwater Room/Photo Courtesy of Manta