Where can you find an ice hotel for a cool stay for a few nights? There’s no denying that ice hotels are a special kind of luxury. The beautiful, sparking white color of the ice is sometimes enhanced with lights at hotels like the famous Ice Hotel in  Sweden. The Ice Hotel in Quebec and Romania should not be forgotten. Sweden, typically comes to mind people when people discuss ice hotels, but the other two destinations are worthwhile for people who would like to fulfill a glamorous ice fantasies.

Why would people choose ice hotels as their accommodations of choice? They are exotic, beautiful, and you simply can’t resist the desire to cuddle up when you are inside one. The icy rooms in the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi is only open during in the winter for about four months.

Guests sleep inside insulated sleeping bags while they are in their rooms. The temperature inside the suites do not fall under  -5 degrees and, according to the hotel, the sleeping bags are designed to keep people warm in temperatures at around – 25 degrees. Just in case guests would like to combine the warm, with the cold, the Ice Hotel (IH) has a few rooms in a heated winter accommodation.  The warm suites are also open during the summer months.

In the winter, some people spend a night in the ice hotel, and they spend a few more nights in the more traditional rooms. The IH has three restaurants that are not constructed of ice. The flagship Ice Hotel Restaurant offers gourmet meals, while the Hembygsgården is a more casual restaurant.


Hotel de Glace in Quebec

Hotel de Glace in Quebec by Allen Lieu

Hotel de Glace in Quebec by Allen Lieu


Ice Hotel in Sweden

IH  in Sweden by Imagea.org


The IH, typically opens sometime in December. In 2014, for example, it opens on December 12. The ICEHOTEL usually closes in April when the structure melts.


Hotel Sweden at Sunrise by Tom Godber


IH Bar in Sweden, photo by Charlie1965


Church in Romania, Photo by Untravelled Paths


 Icy Suite in Sweden

Suite in Sweden Photo by Charlie1965

Igloo Hotel

Igloo Hotel, photo by articroute.com

Igloo Hotel, photo by articroute.com



 Chapel in Quebec

Chapel in Quebec by Destination Quebec


Photo of Hotel de Glace in Quebec by Allen Lieu