Sisters In Law heated up during a casual yet chic double date at a high-end Mexican restaurant. Rhonda Wills almost sabotaged Juanita’s relationship with her boyfriend Waymond. The episode, aired on WE TV at 10 p.m. ET.

The trouble began during a visit between Jolanda Jones and Juanita  Jackson at Juanita’s house. Juanita was clearly happy about her relationship with Waymond. They had been dating for about 7 months, and Juanita, who admitted that she was a player a few years ago, said that she was ready to settle down with Waymond.

While Jolanda, was still visiting, Juanita got a text message from Rhonda, who was inviting her on a double date with her husband, Anthony. Juanita had to rehash her past riff with Rhonda. She told Jolanda that she didn’t have her debit card, spend a little money from the law firm to buy gas, and Rhonda threatened to turn her in to the state bar.

Jolanda said that she thought that there had been a lot of credit card charges. Juanita went on to say that she got stuck paying some of the debts from the firm when she had a child and was living with her mother.

Sisters in Law We TV "Jolanda Jones, Monique Chantelle Sparks, Tiye Tarita Foley, Rhonda Wills, Vivian R. King, and Juanita Jackson attend as WE tv hosts exclusive premiere screening for new series "Sisters in Law" on March 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv)"

“NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 23: (L-R) Jolanda Jones, Monique Chantelle Sparks, Tiye Tarita Foley, Rhonda Wills, Vivian R. King, and Juanita Jackson attend as WE tv hosts exclusive premiere screening for new series “Sisters in Law” on March 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv)”

On the bright side of the episode, was shown doing what she does to help defend people who need her help. Juanita, a public defender met with her client Francine Pennington, who was accused of taking $700 from her boyfriend’s account. Her boyfriend joined Francine and Juanita in a witness room, and Juanita tried to convince him to drop the charges. The two have a son together, and the young boy had been asking for his father.

Meanwhile, Jolanda wants to bring Tiye Foley into the circle of attorneys. Jolanda likes Tiye and wants to replace Vivian with Tiye.

Bonding With Sisters In Law

Tiye invited Monique to her home since they were riding to an event at a local church. Monique gave Tiye the rundown of the women in the group. Later the two attended a meeting to hear information related to the death of Sandra Bland, an activist who was pulled over in Texas for a minor traffic violation. She was later found dead in her jail cell. Her death was labeled a suicide.

At the meeting, Jolanda, Monique and Tiye spoke to Katrina, the antagonist in the show. Jolanda mentioned seeing a picture of Katrina with Sarah Palin. Katrina said that Palin supported her run for Congress and she also indicated that she also liked Donald Trump. Jolanda shot back that he does not tolerate of certain classes of people. “You mean the illegals.” Katrina said. Her comment blew everyone away. Monique said that she had wanted to get to know Katrina, but her feelings had changed.

At the double date with Juanita and Waymond, Rhonda first tried to put Waymond on the spot by asking him about his days as a player. He threw cold water on her plan to put a wedge between them. Waymond admitted that he had a wild young man, and there were probably some things that Juanita didn’t know about (but Rhonda did since they went to the same university).

Undeterred, Rhonda began her second line of embarrassing questions. She asked Waymond when he was planning to marry Juanita. She questioned him, until Waymond turned to Anthony (who had been sitting quietly) and asked him if Rhonda knew how to fight, because she looked like she was going to throw a punch. Juanita had a socially correct smile on her face, but she said in her confessional that Rhonda was overly aggressive.

Jolanda won the murder case for her client, and she happily told the accused and her family. She had promised to teach them to dance if she won, and proceeded to show them the Cabbage Patch.

Jolanda showed that she clearly was not going to be on good terms with Vivian King anytime soon. Every time the two of them were together in a function, there was an undeniable tension. Be it a Bible Study (at Monique’s home) or a gathering to golf at the local country club, Jolanda couldn’t help but show her irritation at Vivian.

She couldn’t even stay to golf at the country club with the other cast members, because she was so angry at Vivian. How could she? Jolanda was certain that Vivian had been talking about her personal relationship with her girlfriend.


Travel Featured Filming Location

The Armandos, a luxurious restaurant in Houston, Texas is where Rhonda, her husband Anthony and Juanita and her boyfriend Waymond had their double date. Appetizers on the menu include chili con queso. tuna tartare tacos, chiptole crab cake, and shrimp cocktail. Tex Mex classics are on the menu like nachos, tacos, and panchita. Enchiladas (including lobster Enchiladas) seafood and steak. When Rhonda arrived at the restaurant she told her husband that he had made a good choice.