Season two of Match Made in Heaven premiered on Thursday, May 20, 2016 on WE tv. The show began 18 women, looking for the man of their dreams. Here’s a look at Stevie Baggs, the eligible bachelor on the show.

Baggs said that he was looking for his wife. Sherri Shepherd is the host this season. She serves as both the Fairy Godmother to the girls, helping them cope in life in the mansion, and she arranges some traps to weed out the women who are just not right for Baggs and to make the show more interest.

The first trap was a biggie. Stevie’s mother Lola was placed in the house. She posed as an assistant/cleaning lady. This allowed her to get firsthand knowledge from the women, without them knowing her true intentions. So, in the very first episode. Elle, basically told her that it was common sense that the sun was going down, so she should get jackets for everyone.

“Clearly everyone wants their jackets, ’cause the sun’s going down, you know?” she said. Another woman, Alexandra dressed a little too scantily for Lola’s taste — and she was a virgin. Alexandra was outside, in a red bathing suit, posing sexily near the pool. She also decided to pour orange juice on the carpet, This action shocked the other women, who had sense enough to know that they shouldn’t damage other people’s property. Lola found dirty underwear in the middle of the bathroom floor. She lectured them about cleanliness, and Lola vowed to find out who left the dirty panties in the bathroom.

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All of the women had a chance to talk to Stevie one-on-one for a little one.He seemed impressed with Sincerely, a 33-year-old spa owner and designer from Atlanta. He liked that she was modestly dressed and attractive.

All of the women were attracted to Stevie, but Lachia, the 29-year-old office manager from Philadelphia told him that she was experiencing love at first sight. Three women were eliminated during this episode. Lola, Stevie’s mother, eliminated the virgin, because she had the first choice. Stevie sent text messages to all of the women, to indicate if they were going to stay, go, or if he wanted to talk to them. He had a talk with three of the women, whom he had some doubts about. He doubted Elle, Erica, the 32-year-old attorney, and Lachia. He doubted Lachia because he wasn’t sure whether or not he felt a connection with her. He ended up keeping her and Elle and sending Lachia home.

Photo of Stevie Baggs: Twitter