Gossip could cause rifts between family as friends as evident in the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills episode that aired on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

EJ’ Johnson’s friend Drew come over to his apartment. Drew brought EJ some Royal Ossetra caviar as a housewarming gift. Neither Drew nor EJ could open the caviar, and delivery guy, who happened to be bringing a wine chest over had to open it.

Morgan Stewart & Dorothy Wang

Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang got together at Morgan’s apartment. Dorothy explained that she was no longer with Quincey, and Morgan explained that she overreacted too much with Dorothy regarding her wedding plans. Dorothy said that as an athlete, Quincey was just used to people being around him, and Dorothy didn’t like the paparazzi hounding her and the general hoopla that surrounded dating a basketball player.

Dorothy Wang & Jonny Drubel

Dorothy visited Jonny Drubel in the recording studio. He said that he was going to have a listening party and was inviting his friends. Dorothy told Jonny that her stepbrother was friends with Brendan and he was the best man in the wedding. She also told Jonny that Bianca said that Morgan’s wedding was like a cocktail party.

EJ & Dorothy Are Going on A Manhunt

Dorothy and EJ had lunch. Dorothy suggested that they date more so they could prepare for when they meet the person they want to marry. EJ hoped that Dorothy would help him be more approachable. She suggested that they go boy hunting together, and she would help him be more approachable.

Brendan came home, and Morgan told him that she could see that he was having fun from his Instagram. Morgan first said that he was going to Europe and spending all kinds of money when he had been complaining about her spending. But then Brendan reminded her that she just bought a new car, and she didn’t need to spend $500,000 on a wedding. told him that their families were paying for the wedding.

Morgan apologized for her behavior, being a Bridzilla, and Brendan was glad that she did, but hoped that she would change.  Brendan said that every bride goes a little nuts. “I just went a lot of nuts,” Morgan said.

“We just can’t cross that really-nuts line,” Brendan answered.

The Birthday Girl

Bianca Espada invited her friends to celebrate her birthday at Santa Anita Park. Dorothy and Jonny were there and several other friends joined Bianca for her celebration. They took a limo to the race track. While there, they munched shrimp and sipped on adult beverages.


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A triple crown winning jockey, Victor Espinoza came to visit and talk to the girls. “Mine looks better than hers,” he said about the birthday crown that Bianca was wearing.

Dorothy received a text from Brendan, and Jonny asked Bianca how did she know Brendan, and she explained that he was her brother’s best friend and she spent a lot of  time around him. She mentioned that she hadn’t spoken to Jordan in years because of Brendan.

Bianca explained that she went to Japan when she didn’t have a job, and Brendan assumed that someone paid for her trip, and he insinuated that she was a prostitute (that’s how she got the money) and he told her brother that.

Dorothy told Bianca that she knew that she could hold a grudge.Their friend Lily was looking for a house and Brendan was the listing agent for the house. Dorothy got a text from Lily saying that she could not get the house from Brendan because of Bianca. Bianca explained that Lily is super-loyal and wasn’t going to give a $30,000 commission to someone who had hurt her friend. Jonny and Dorothy decided that Morgan didn’t know anything about Bianca’s feelings towards Brendan. Dorothy was afraid of what would happen when Morgan and Bianca met. She should have been afraid.

Then Morgan and Brendan completed a questionnaire that the officiant gave them. It had a lot of in depth questions about their relationship. It was really for them, because they talked about things they might not have talked about.

Dorothy and EJ went on a manhunt. Dorothy tried to find hot guys for EJ and help him be friendlier. But then they had a technology meltdown and decided to go shopping.

And next on their wedding preparation list, Brendan and Morgan discussed their finances with a financial adviser.

Jonny’s  Rich Kids DJ Debut

After that they saw a sample of their wedding table. At Jonny’s #DJDebut at a club.  Bianca’s name came up, of course. The entire story about how Brendan caused a family rift, and how Brendan lost out on his commission. The whole situation made Brendan angry, because he didn’t want his business’s image to be tainted nor his reputation. He screamed that he didn’t want to talk about it and told Jonny to shut up. He even started yelling at Morgan, who told him swiftly not to talk to her like that.

Morgan mentioned that Jonny must have gone to the wrong birthday party, a party with a bunch of hookers, but she really was just calling Bianca a hooker.

Morgan confronted Bianca about the problem that she had with Brendan, and Bianca tried to explain that the problem did not concern  Morgan; she felt that Brendan should have spoken with her face to face instead of avoiding her. Morgan left the conversation with the impression that something was not adding up. She said that she was not going to allow or encourage Brendan to apologize to Bianca, and she didn’t trust Bianca.

Outside of the club, Bianca, Jonny and Dorothy talked. Dorothy reaffirmed in her mind that she would not tell Jonny anything that she didn’t want to be repeated. Morgan was irritated that Bianca called her wedding a cocktail party, especially since Bianca wasn’t invited.