Hairstylist Larry Sims is in for a whole lot of drama in the new Bravo travel reality TV show Invite Only Cabo, premiering on Sunday, May 14 at 9 p.m. on Bravo. In the first episode, Larry invited six of his friends to Cabo for a dream vacation. The catch is that the friends are from different stages of his life, and they do not all get along with each other.

In the first episode, the group, who has never been all together before are excited about their trip, but things get off to a bumpy start when Larry and Bianca Banks get a little cozy together. Bianca and Larry had been besties for years, but they also a bit of the love-bug for each other. Bianca and Larry have never been a relationship together, yet they call each other “babe”.

Invite Only Cabo, Bianca photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Emily Moses is that rowdy friend, who keeps you guessing as to exactly what she might do. A make-up artist by trade, Emily is an instant party wherever she goes. Don’t take her to a club with a stripper pole, because she just might not get off of the pole all night. Emily is trying to settle down in one aspect of her life. She has a boyfriend back home and is trying not to let any tempting goodies in Cabo ruin her relationship.

But Emily has her faults and definitely ruffles some feathers.  She double-dips over and over again, she coughs everywhere, and she isn’t afraid to flip off her fingernails in a restaurant, just for fun. When Emily decides to move out of the room that she shares with Agu and into the room with Kamani, it’s nothing nice.

Then there is Agu Ukaogoo the model and personal trainer, who is not shy about getting naked. He says that he wants to settle down, but he has trouble being faithful to the women he dates. He flirts with Larry’s friend Kamani Alana. a newly divorced mother of two who has  known Larry since back when they were professional dancers for Missy Elliot

Agu, Invite  Only Cabo  photo by Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Other cast members include Jermane Britton,  Larry’s right-hand man and his voice of reason. He has plenty of shade to throw and is quick to give his opinion on Larry’s other friends. On the other hand, Larry’s friend Malaku Quisada met Larry over 15 years ago when they were dancers. They attempted to get their boy band off the ground, but it never made it. Malaku is the peaceful guy of the group who just wants everyone to get along.

Invite Only Cabo Cast photo by Virginia Sherwood