Adrienne Gang recently wrote a blog post that revealed some of the drama between herself and Kat Held in Monsters and Critics, but more importantly, the blog post gave some insight into the lives of the Below Deck cast after they finish filming another season of the show. Adrienne wrote that she is a stewardess on the luxury yacht the Diamond, when Season 2 of Below Deck ended.

Apparently, Kat worked on the Diamond, too. According to Adrienne, she hired Kat when her former cast mate couldn’t find a job. At the time, they lived near each other in Florida. So, Kat and Adrienne worked together on the Diamond. During an update on what the cast was up to, Kat told Bravo that she is relaxing at home and preparing for the winter season.

There were a lot of hard feelings after the episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen aired. Accusations were made. Apparently, Kat alleged that Adrienne who is engaged was a lesbian. Adrienne was flabbergasted, especially since Kat knew fully that the chief stew was engaged.

The two are not on good terms with each other, but life goes on. Adrienne mentioned in her post that although the Below Deck cast are not doing the rounds for a slew of hosting gigs, they are still working and leading what many might view as ordinary lives.


Adrienne Gang was a cast member on Season 1 of Below Deck.

Adrienne Gang was a cast member on Season 1 of Below Deck. Photo by: Justin Stephens/Bravo

Did you know that Adrienne is a chef? In her blog, Chef Adrienne Gang, she shares recipes and information on what it’s like to make wealthy guests happy on a luxury yacht. It’s pretty interesting to read about how the crew caters to guests through the preference sheet that guests submit. The preference sheet is a genuine part of the yachting experience. Adrienne was actually a chef before she was a chief stew. She learned a lot about some of technicalities of being a stew through on-the-job experience and from the book, The Insiders’ Guide to Being a Yacht Stewardess.

Ben Robinson was the chef on Season 1 and Season 2 of Below Deck. Ben is a Master Chef who provides catering services, according to his website. Ben Robinson has recipes on his site and offers advice about healthy eating from the perspective of a worldly chef who has also worked on a luxury yacht. Ben’s latest project is to help people rebuild their immune systems through healthy eating, reported Bravo.

The Below Deck Cast: Where are they now?

Almost all of the Below Deck crew are back working on boats. Several of the crew members took time off to travel for a while before they got back to work. Amy Johnson is working on her customer service business, Elite Customer Service. Chief Stewardess for Season 2 Kate Chastain is working as a chief stewardess on another yacht. Jennice has been living on another yacht and only working when the yacht has charter guests. She’s been in the Bahamas and has been having a lot of fun even when she’s not on Below Deck.