The Amazing Race Season 25, Episode 4 began with the teams on a sand bar in the Shetland Islands. Misti and Jim left an hour before the other teams. Their clue told them that they had to travel from the Shetland Islands to Copenhagen, Denmark.

So, the teams took a 13-hour ferry ride to Aberdeen Scotland and catch a flight o Copenhagen, Denmark where they had to find their next clue on a Ford C-Max.  Misti and Jim decided to go to the library, because there was no travel agency near them in the Shetland Islands. The other teams, however, decided to find a travel agency after the ferry docked in Aberdeen. The ferry docked at 7 a.m. and the travel agency opened at 9 a.m.

Copenhagen, Denmark was one of the locations in the Amazing Race Season 25: Photo by Jim G.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo by Jim G. The Amazing Race, Season 25, Episode 4 was filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark

Meanwhile, Misti and Jim did their research at the library and found a flight to Copenhagen that would have them there at 4 p.m.

“We are sitting pretty in first place. That’s where we’d like to stay,” Jim said.

Kym and Alli managed to get the earliest flight into Copenhagen. They were able to get a flight that was set to land at 2 p.m. The other teams were scheduled to land hours later. Here are the landing times for the other teams.

  • Keith and Whitney  5:10
  • Shelley and Nici  5:20
  • Tim and Te Jay 5:15
  • Adam and Bethany 5:10
  • Amy and Maya 5:10
  • Brooke and Robbie 5:10


Jim wasn’t too happy when he found out that the cyclists, Kym and Alli, were going to land two hours ahead of them. Then Shelley and Nici found out that their flight was delayed for an hour, but they stayed calm and carried on.

Once they arrived in Copenhagen, the teams had to drive from Denmark to Malmo, Sweden. They had to drive as efficiently as possible so they would use less than 1/10 of a gallon of gas in their Ford C-Max. This meant that they would waste gas if they accelerated too much. Any team that drove over a 1/10 of a gallon had to answer questions from a geography student before continuing in the race.

The Amazing Race Cast

Photo Courtesy of CBS

Kym and Alli were the first to into Sweden, and because they drove efficiently, they didn’t have to answer the questions.

There were two detour choices in this leg of the race:

Parking Space

The Amazing Race teams had to copy a photo of either a living room scene or a garden room scene. They had to place the furniture items from the scenes in the correct places in a parking lot, and they were given on 30 minutes to set up the parking lot furniture. If they couldn’t finish the task before the 30-minute deadline, they had to start again.

The teams who chose the Parking Space Detour were:

  • Keith and Whitney
  • Adam and Bethany
  • Amy and Maya
  • Jim and Misti
  • Tim and Te Jay
  • Shelley and Nici


Wedding Cake

The second detour was called Wedding Cake. The teams decorated cakes and balanced them on a bike called a Bullitt and delivered the cakes to a restaurant and the restaurant maître d’ had to approve it. The teams decorated the layered cakes, making sure that they had enough flags and rolls. The Wedding Cake teams were:

  • Kim and Alli
  • Brooke and Robbie

It’s Not Just Like Riding a Bike

Misti and Jim chose the Parking Space detour , but the cyclists, Kim and Ally chose the Wedding Cake detour.

Good News and Bad News

The good news was that Keith and Whitney drove their Ford rather efficiently. The bad news was that they couldn’t balance the cake on the bike for anything.

“This is like super shaky,” Whitney said.

“Oh my god. This bike is hard to ride,” Robbie said. Robbie wasn’t in the bike lane while trying to maneuver the bike, which was a big mistake, because he was blocking traffic, and some angry motorists were screaming at him and Whitney until the moved into the proper lane.

The cake was wobbly and they dropped it.  The Bullitt bike felt unstable to them, and the cake probably weighed about 20 pounds or so.

Bethany and Adam also did the wedding cake detour, but Bethany had the good sense to know that she couldn’t support Adam’s weight on the bike she rode. So, the SoulSurfers switched to the parking lot detour.

While Nici was screaming at the airport, because they couldn’t find the Ford C-Max with their clue, the cyclists were on their Bullitt bike, but they had already dropped their cake and lost their receipt. The Bullitt bike was a wobbly mode of transportation even for the professional cyclists.

Amy and Maya chose the parking lot detour because “Luckily Amy and I are quite detail oriented,” Maya said.

Although Tim and Te Jay did not drive over the 8km bridge efficiently, they giggled, because they were able to easily answer the geography question.


Next, there was the Take a Number roadblock. One member from each team was given four orders at Ida Davidsen’s restaurant in Denmark. Each order has a number. The team member had to memorize the corresponding number for each order and memorize the ingredients the orders.

Kym was the waitress for Kym and Alli’s team. Kym was not the most desirable choice, because she had previously been fired from a waitress job. She later landed a job as a bike messenger, which was much better for her, she revealed. Kym had trouble memorizing the four numbers for the numbers, and that wasn’t even the hard part.

Back in the Parking Lot

Jim and Misti couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their parking lot setup. Jim thought that maybe there was something that they were missing from the photo of the scene. They had to redo the entire living room, because they didn’t pass the first check in time. They had a flower pot turned the wrong way.  “So much for this being the easy one,” Jim said.


Although Kym struggled considerably at the restaurant for the roadblock, she was joyous when she finally got it right. Brooke and Robbie and Keith and Whitney and the other teams made it through, too. Jim and Misti were delayed, in the last part of the race, because they couldn’t figure out that their flower pot was turned in the wrong direction (with the wrong picture showing). Tim and Te Jay, stuck with the parklet (parking lot) detour but  figured it out. Jim isn’t as detail oriented as he thinks, apparently.

Misti and Jim finally gave up on the parklet at the parking lot and decided to go for the Wedding Cake detour. They made their cake, but dropped one of the cake’s on the way to the restaurant. The cake had to be perfect to get their next clue, so they had to go back to find the missing flag. Once they got the flag, and had the cake approved, they got their clue and rushed out to the road block.

It took Misti nine attempts to get the orders right at Ida Davidsen’s restaurant, and from Jim’s expression, it looked like he’d had it. Misti thought that he was being supportive, but he looked rather perturbed.


Meltdown Ahead

Shelley and Nici (mostly Nici) had a major meltdown. They fought several times during the show.  Shelley, Nici’s mom,  told her daughter what to do… a lot, and Nici wasn’t hearing it. Shelley eventually stopped talking to Nici, further infuriating the younger woman.

Even with all of their issues, they didn’t make it to the Pit Stop last. Misti and Jim were the last ones in, and Jim handed over his Save pass. It turns out that he didn’t need it, though. It was a non-elimination round.


Here is the order that the Amazing Race teams made it to the Pit Stop

  1. Kym and Alli
  2. Brooke and Robbie
  3. Keith and Whitney
  4. Amy and Maya
  5. Tim and Te Jay
  6. Shelley and Nici
  7. Adam and Bethany
  8. Jim and Misti