On Season 9, Episode 13 of the RHOA, the women left their glamping destination, and Kandi Burruss refused to ride on the bus with the others. Porsha Williams said that she didn’t think that the incident the night before was a big deal. Porsha said that she knew that she had said something about the closet, but she was too far in (denying it) to come clean.
Kandi relayed what happened during the trip to her friends, Don Juan, Carmon Cambrice and the rest of the crew. Now, we all know that Porsha  gets down with girls, Kandi said.
Kandi told them how she, Porsha, and Kandi’s husband, Todd Tucker, were at an after hours spot dancing in a sandwich with Kandi’s husband, and Kandi and Porsha were kissing. Porsha said that she wanted to sexually satisfy Kandi, and Kandi was shocked, but nothing went down.
They went to Wafflehouse after the club.
At Ederra Bella, a medical spa, Kenya Moore treated Cynthia Bailey to a special vaginal treatment. Malorie Bailey-Massie,  Cynthia’s sister, came along, too. The treatment is said to make you more orgasmic. Meanwhile, Phaedra Parks went to her lawyer at Kaplan Family Law, where her lawyer told her that her divorce was final.
In other scenes, Kandi wrote a song about how her daughter Riley Burruss felt about her father not spending time with her, and Porsha found a house that she really likes; it’s five bedrooms, 10,000 square feet and the purchase price was $1.4 million. Phaedra got a tour, and they sat down to talk about Phaedra’s divorce. Phaedra said that she knew that Apollo Nida had a girlfriend. He had moved on, but the conversation that she had with him about the divorce being finalized was not good.
Cynthia met with her business partner and with Sheree Whitfield  to discuss a fashion show featuring her cargo bags. Cynthia had planned to put Sheree’s son, Kairo in the show. Sheree asked about compensation (there’s none) and even tried to get Cynthia to change the date of her show.
Porsha joined her boyfriend Todd at Grain Spirits and Food to discuss their relationship. Todd bought her a diamond necklace to get on her good side, because they’d been arguing a lot. Todd was upset and said that Porsha was directing their relationship; he asked why he couldn’t take a break from work. After all, he left his job to be with her. Porsha wanted him to work, because it made her feel more secure and helped her feel confident that he was a stable person, so she urged him to be what he was  before (a working man) and not be half-assed.

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For the big blow-out talk, Kandi and Porsha got together at Princi Italia, a restaurant in midtown. Kandi started off by saying that she was “thrown off” the other day. Kandi didn’t understand why Porsha was “going so hard” with them to find out who had said that Kandi was a lesbian.
“I was the ring leader for like, let’s find who this b**** is who said it, cause honestly, I didn’t know what she was talking about at first.”
Porsha said that she didn’t remember every little conversation that she had.
Porsha accused of Kandi  of  talking to Sheree about her and Block, but Kandi said that she didn’t tell Sheree that Porsha had sex with Block, but when the three of them (Kandi, Sheree and Porsha) sat down together and Kandi felt that she was accusing her of gossiping, Kandi said that they did have sex.That was because Porsha told Kandi all of the details about how she’d had sex with Kandi’s ex.
Kandi said that it wasn’t a secret that she’d been with a woman before. She doesn’t live her life in secret, but she accused Porsha of living a secret. Porsha accused Kandi of bringing people home and “flip flopping them in her bed like pancakes”, and Kandi said that she’d had one experience. Porsha then tried to spill the tea on Kandi having a sex dungeon.

Grilled Scottish Salmon from Princi Italia 🔥🔥🔥#foodie

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