At the William Vale Hotel, Nick  Viall was surprised by the appearance of Andi Dorfman the bachelorette who broke up with him in Season 10.

Meanwhile his current bachelorettes arrived to the rose ceremony at the New York hotel. Vanessa Grimaldi was nervous, because she didn’t know how the other hometowns went, and her hometown visit didn’t exactly go smoothly. A few tears fell from Rachel Lindsay’s eyes, because she felt that she was falling in love with Nick; she was also afraid that she was going home.

Raven was finally ready to tell Nick how she felt, that she was falling in love with him. And Corinne Olympios felt that Nick knew her almost to the core, since he’d met her family. It made her sick to think that she might be going home.

During surprise their talk Nick reminded Andi that the last time she’d knocked on his door, she dumped him. So, Andi reminded him that he was going to dump 29 girls, but Nick came back with saying that it might be 30, because he wasn’t going to propose to someone just because she was the last girl left.

“I’m not going to get engaged just because I’m the Bachelor. “I’m not going to pick one just cause she’s the last one standing,” Nick told Andi.

Andi asked him if he was happy with the final four, and he said, “Yes.” She asked him if he was going to have sex with the women during the Fantasy Suite dates. Nick told Andi that he was torn. He was physically attracted to them, but he really wanted the process and relationship to work.

Andi advised him that if he sees a potential for “that girl” to be standing there at the end and he sees himself getting down on one knee that lends itself — if they both agree — for him to take it to the next level. “You’re entitled to do whatever you want,” she said.”You have three girls that you respect and care about, that are dating you, that you’re dating. You met their families. They professed how much they like you or love you. You’re and adult, I think you have every right to get as intimate as the two of you want in each relationship.”

She told him that the only reason he should not “go there” is if he doesn’t see himself having a future with them.”

Nick admitted that it was weird to get Fantasy Suite advice from Andi, but he also that he regretted when he said what he said it brought Andi heartache and pain. After her season, he asked her rhetorically why did she sleep with him when she knew that was going to eliminate. He felt bad that his words had repercussions for Andi (one reason being that the world knew for certain that they’d slept together.”

Andi said that she didn’t want that situation to hold him back from anything in his season at The Bachelor. “This is your one chance, don’t let something you said two years ago…”
They said goodbye and  wished each other well.

With three roses on the table, Corinne was the odd one out. Raven, Vanessa, and Rachel all received roses. Nick told Corinne that he was going to “miss the hell out of her” and Corinne wished him good luck. In the limo she cried and said that she felt that her heart was not going to be repaired. She questioned why she couldn’t have a normal relationship. She said that she was done, trying to show men how much she loved, worshiped and supported them. She was done trying to impress men. After her little private rant, she went to sleep.

The group flew off to Finland and Raven had the first date with Nick. The couple  shared a helicopter tour of Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland, Finland.

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Photo by Daniel Ernst

Later that night they played darts at Local Pub Panimo at the Saariselkä Inn. She said that Nick has a way of making her feel special and she could see herself with Nick. Nick said that being with her makes him feel excited and crazy in a fun way. He said that everytime he’s with her he falls harder and harder for her.

Raven wanted to know how things went with her parents and Nick told her that they were very welcoming. Raven said that she was very close to her father and liked that Nick was there when she found out that he was cancer free. Raven said it was a big turn off for her if a guy was not close to his mother, and Nick said that although he’s very close to his mother, he chooses women who are not like her. He likes women with a little “edge.” He wants a woman who challenges him and keeps him on his toes. Then they talked about domestic duties, jokingly. Raven told Nick and the world that she can’t cook, and Nick asked her if she could fold clothes. She owns a clothing store. He volunteered to cook and iron. Raven offered to introduce him to a steamer.

They talked about the Fantasy Suite. Raven was concerned about having sex with Nick and telling him that she loved him. She was afraid that it wouldn’t be reciprocated. She told the cameras that she’d only had sex with one person and she didn’t have an orgasm with him. She dated him for two years.

They went to beautifully decorated cabin for drinks. That’s when Raven told Nick that she was a big skeptic when she first joined the show, but she started to have deeper feelings for him. She said it was a comforting feeling that she’d never felt. She said it was easy to see him as a partner and with every step of the way he made it easy for her to love him. She said that it would be the worst thing to not tell him.

Nick called it one of the best professions of love that he’d heard. Nick kissed her and Raven believed that he loved her, too. Next, the Fantasy Suite card came out and Raven said that it was more meaningful for her since she had only been with one guy. She reminded him that she’d only been with one person and she hadn’t had an orgasm before. Nick turned red and was at a lost for words.

Nick said that not sleeping with them might give him a clear head.
Next week, will be three-hours of The Bachelor. Rachel hadn’t told Nick that she loved him. Vanessa might have had some misgivings. The women’s tell-all episode is after the show. The drama between Taylor and Corinne continues.

The Bachelor Travel Destination Focus Accommodation: Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna

Lapland Hotels Riekonlinn was the filming destination for the episode that aired on February 27, 2017. The hotel, located in Saariselkä, is only one of the Finland accommodation options, from Lapland Hotels, and Lapland is anticipating a new Lapland Hotel in Helsinki in 2018.

As for Lapland Hotels Riekonlinn is concerned, the hotel has honeymoon packages for about $3,674  per couple for a two night package in the summer months and autumn months and $4,033 per couple for a two nigh package in the winter.

The Bachelor Travel Destination Focus: Finland

Photo by Marku Kiili /Visit Finland


Photo by Markus Kiili/Visit Finland

Photo by Markus Kiili/Visit Finland