In the opening scene of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Bad News Bianca, which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on June 5, 2016 on E! Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart had manicures and chatted about Coachella. They were planning their yearly trip to the concert, and Dorothy talked about getting her kit of essentials ready.


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It wasn’t exactly what his friends had in mind during their trip to Los Cabos, but Brendan Fitzpatrick and his friends went through some survivalist training as a component of his bachelor party. Brendan repelled down a cliff and did pretty well, but Jonny, not so much.

EJ Johnson participated in an AOL internet show during Fashion Week. He was also selected to take over their Instagram.

Meanwhile, on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Brendan’s group were given knives and were told to gather firewood and make a fire.

Back in Beverly Hills, Bianca Espada was working a photo shoot for her blog. She threw all kinds of shade, saying that her blog was fashion and image driven, and Morgan’s blog was just chatter.

Bianca Espada

On tonight's episode see my behind the scenes photo shoot w @solmazsaberi 👸🏻 tonight at 10pm on E! #RKOBH

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Back at the camp, Brendan talked about Morgan’s book. A couple of Brendan’s friends dated Morgan, so it’s possible that they could be in a chapter or two, or three of Morgan’s tell-all book. Brendan started saying (in a drunken slurred language) that he didn’t want to marry a girl who wrote a tell-all book.

Oblivious to Brendan’s thoughts. Morgan and Dorothy spent a few days partying at Coachella.

The Brendan’s bachelor party group spent the rest of their time at a hotel, Sol Pacifico Cerritos. Brendan and Jonny discussed Morgan’s tell-all book while they relaxed on the beach. Brendan said that while he was concerned about his future wife writing a tell-all book, with the word, blowjobs in the title, he couldn’t imagine his life without Morgan.

Sol Pacifico Cerritos

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Back from Coachella, Morgan and Dorothy went to a spa to detox. Dorothy was apprehensive about her high school reunion. She invited everyone to a reunion party. She also felt that she would have more accomplished in her life by the time she hit 30. In her high school days, she thought she’d be married with kids by 30. Morgan suggested that she appreciate how far she’d come.

EJ went to a fashion show in which his sister was a model. He revealed that one day he would have his own fashion collection. He loved the blue power suit that his sister walked the runway in. He did the rounds, taking photos and doing interviews.

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills bachelor party gathered on a yacht, went on shore, and picked up some girls. Brendan said that it bothered him that his friends gave him a hard time about Morgan’s book. He managed to have a good time, anyway.

EJ and Morgan met up at Morgan’s place. EJ’s first response when he heard the title of Morgan’s books was, “Oh no you didn’t.” EJ’s biggest regret was that he didn’t know Morgan back in the day. He told Morgan that he was going to go back to New York for a while to immerse himself in fashion, and work on his spinoff show, EJ in NYC, of course.

Dorothy called Bianca, because she figured that their silence had gone on long enough. Either they were going to repair their friendship, or they needed to end their friendship.

In Los Cabos, Brendan and his crew headed to the Mandala, a nightclub to party for his bachelors party. “This is the bachelor party I signed up for, Jonny said. Everyone is getting turned up. Brendan had a great plan to stay out of trouble. He kept introducing one of his friends as one of the bachelors.

Dorothy was relieved and happy that her friends were impressed with what she had done over the past 10 years, and she figured that maybe she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. “It is kind of crazy how so many of my friends from high school are either married or engaged. It’s more than I expected, but I just feel like when the time is right I’ll find that person,” she said.

At the end of her class reunion party, Morgan came out in her old high school cheerleader’s uniform.

Morgan and Brendan had dinner at Hamasaku. Brendan told his bride-to-be all about the survival training he had with Myke Hawke and how his group repelled down a 150 foot cliff. Although he saw his friends having fun as single guys, he told Morgan that he couldn’t wait to get home to her, get married to her, and start their lives. He also told her that he had always supported her, and he supports her book.

Hamasaku Restaurant

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Dorothy and Bianca met at a Beverly Hills restaurant. Dorothy told Bianca that she should be apologizing to her. Bianca told Dorothy that Morgan calls her —- Twinkie behind her back to everyone. Dorothy was in tears, and she said that she didn’t know who to trust.

“Morgan isn’t the person that Dorothy thinks she is,” Bianca said.  Bianca told Dorothy that she’s never said a bad thing about her and offered to confront Morgan with her.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Travel Destination Focus: Mandala Nightclub


Brendan and his crew danced the night away at the Mandala Nightclub on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. This club is so popular, that there were several bachelorette party groups, there too.

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Siempre habrá una razón para regresar a Cancún y se llama Mandala 😍

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Spring Fever 🙌 The madness

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Los domingos se inventaron para tomar bebidas tropicales frente a la playa 🍹

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