Two managers have already had an argument in only the second episode in the Season 1 of Below Deck Med. The episode that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, May 11, 2016 (BRAVO) opened where it left off last week.

Hannah Ferrier looked everywhere to try to find a TV in Paros, Greece. Back at the boat, the captain tried to get the TV working. The game starts at 3 a.m. Ben served up Red Scorpion fish, and the guests loved it.

But when they set down to watch the game, it was buffering. Tiffany Copeland was there to serve them. They were highly annoyed and were not able to watch the first half of the game. Hannah asked Tiffany to organize the drinks, wipe down the main saloon, the staircase, and have breakfast ready. Hannah also requested that Tiffany wear her hair behind her face.

“I’m off to bed,” Hannah said after she’d fired off her orders.
“I couldn’t sleep again,” Tiffany said in response.

Yeah,” Hannah said. Then, as she went down the stairs to her bunk, she muttered “stop with the f**king sob stories. It’s yachting, bi**c!”

Things continued to go downhill. The guest was only able to catch snipes of the football game, but Tiffany had the perfect solution. “This guy must be so pissed. They can’t watch the game and his team is playing like s**t. I’ll just get him really drunk so he’s not too upset about it.”

“For every missed field goal, double it,” the guest said to Tiffany.
The next morning, Daniel Zureikat chatted with the guests on the deck, and First Mate Bryan Kattenburg saw them. He said that it was evident that Daniel hadn’t worked on a high-end ship before. As a member of the crew his job was to make sure that the boat was clean, the guests’ glasses were full, and help them if they wanted to go swimming, not to chat with them.

Julia D’Albert-Pusey asked Tiffany if she had gone through the list of things that she needed to get done before the morning, and Tiffany, said no. Julia then said something under her breath about the need to multitask.

Hannah was annoyed that Julia hand her were doing most of the work while Tiffany watched the game with the guys. Tiffany didn’t finish the list of tasks that Hannah had given her the night before. Her excuse was that she struggled a little with getting the breakfast ready, and the juice took the longest.

“I’m just trying to gauge how it took you 4 ½ hours to do that,” Hannah retorted. “You’ve done f**cking nothing,” she was saying as Tiffany walked away.

“I’m not here to make her intentionally look bad,” Tiffany said. “I’m giving her 110%, and whether she believes it or not, that’s the truth. I’m doing everything I can.”

Ben tried to console Tiffany by saying that he will protect her.

Meanwhile, although Ben served an awesome breakfast for the crew, someone wasn’t happy. “Everyone is so excited to be in Greece, but I can’t stand this place,” Jen Riservato said. “I hate how old the buildings are. I hate the food. I miss my dog. I miss Starbucks.” So, while everyone was eating Ben’s latest creation, Jen was eating a bowl of cereal.

There was a call that a box had arrived, and it was on the deck. Daniel explained that when he was a child, his father was an alcoholic, and he had to help pay the bills, so his reaction is to help when people need it. Daniel went out on the deck to help with the box of supplies.

Ben cooked up a Greek omelet for the guests, and Hannah approached Tiffany about the list of things that she had for her to do.

“I’m on it,” Tiffany said. “Then let’s go,” Hannah said.

“I am,” Tiffany said.

“Well you’re not, because you’re standing here, staring at this,” Hannah replied, tersely.

“I don’t have time to babysit her,” Hannah said in the kitchen after Tiffany had left. “I know baby, but you’ve got a whole charter season to figure it out,” Ben told her.

Ben said that he thought that it was too early in the season for Hannah to get so upset at Tiffany. Jen felt the same. Back in the bunk that they shared, she called Hannah a b**tch and Jen noted that she could read people very well.

The deckhands worked together with Captain Mark to get the ship docked into a tight space. And soon it was time to say goodbye. The guests actually liked the cruise despite the unreliable internet connection for the Steelers football game. Christina had one last request for the tip. Bobby had to drop and give her and her friend 20 push-ups. The total gratuity was $15,000 Euros, or $1,388 per person.

Although the crew had to work that next day, they had the night off. Jen was annoyed, because she felt that she was being treated like a newcomer to the industry, although she was a 7-year veteran. Bryan took some time to call his father. They are very close.

The crew went went to Naxos Island, Greece and dined at the luxurious Typografio Restaurant with a view.

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Tiffany had been drinking wine out of a bottle all night, so she was already buzzed. Ben ordered two saganaki and shrimp. Tiffany said that she doesn’t eat seafood. Because she has a degree in marine biology she knows that blue whales ejaculate 20 liters per load.

“Maybe that’s why the ocean’s so salty,” she said.

The shrimp and grilled zucchini was served. Next came the saganaki and roast potatoes. Bobby asked Julia if she had a boyfriend, and she told him that she had been dating her boyfriend for two years.

Hannah asked Ben if he had a girlfriend, and he said no. He stated that maybe he would want to get married in the next 6 years.

Hannah said that Ben is a good guy, not her typical type, but she felt some chemistry. And Bryan said that he liked Tiffany. She was no frills and he liked her attitude. Tiffany called Hannah mom at some point during dinner, and Hannah called Tiffany a trash bag.

Next, they headed to the Ocean Club, an open air cocktail spot for drinks. When Hannah called Tiffany a trash bag again at the Ocean Club, Daniel said that it was too harsh.

At the bar, Tiffany was saying that she was tired, which further irritated Hannah. Hannah then thought it necessary to give Tiffany a speech about how she needed to take responsibility for what she signed up for.

Bryan felt that Hannah was wasting her time, because Tiffany wasn’t going to remember anything she said, and Hannah was just bringing down everyone’s mood. Bryan tried to intervene as Hannah kept berating Tiffany for not completing the list of work that she’d left for her. Tiffany insisted that she was not slacking.

Two random girls joined Danny at the bar, so he laughed it up with them, but Ben tried to talk to Tiffany, who was blinkink away her tears. Ben felt that Hannah needed to separate work from pleasure.

“People need an incentive to work, and Hannah hasn’t quite figured that out,” he said. If you label people as lazy or bad, they are going to fit that mold.
“Yeah, she’s weird, but she’s smart,” he said about Tiffany. “I like that. I’m weird, sometimes smart.”

Then Bryan told Hannah directly that their off-time was not the time to give the crew constructive criticism. She had the nerve to tell Bryan that his department is the deck.

“I think that Hannah is forgetting the hierarchy, because I am the first officer. The whole, entire boat is my department, and on my boat I want the least amount of drama as possible,” Bryan said.

Bryan and Hannah continued to have words, and Julia stuck up for Hannah, saying that it’s good to talk to people when they are relaxed. Bryan answered by reminding them that Tiffany, who had been drinking wine for several hours, wasn’t going to remember anything. Hannah insisted that Bryan should manage his staff in his style and she would manage her staff the way she wanted to.

Travel Destination Focus for Below Deck Mediterranean

The cast from Below Deck Mediterranean gathered together at the Typografio Restaurant on Naxos Island.

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