Marriott Hotels announced on April 5 that the company  is supporting the movie, 42 with a sweepstakes in which the winners will get a chance to see the premiere in Los Angeles.  The movie, 42 is follows the life of baseball great, Jackie Robinson. Robinson became the first African-American man to play professionally with a major baseball league. He played with the Dodgers. Marriott supports the movie, because its message is in line with the company’s own beliefs regarding diversity and inclusion, according to a Marriott press release.

The movie, 42,  gives Marriott a good reason to acknowledge its 42 million members of its loyalty program. Marriott Hotels guests will receive a special 42 key card insert. They can view the trailer for the movie and a message from Chadwick Boseman, who is portraying Jackie Robinson in the film. To enter into the 42 Sweepstakes, loyalty guests should send a story about their baseball experience. Enter your best story, because the person with the best baseball story earns the top prize, 60,000 reward points and two tickets to see a 2013 professional baseball game.  Everyone who enters a story will get 500 loyalty points for each story they send (up to two stories and 1,000 points). Contest finalists get 7,000 Marriott Reward points and the runner-up earns 20,000 reward points and the two pro-baseball tickets. Marriott will select 45 random entries for the premiere tickets for 42. The contest ends on April 14. Here are the official rules for the 42 Sweepstakes.



Photo courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Marriott International