If you want to change your eye color, like  R&B singer Tiny Harris did, you’ll that the procedure is not legal to be performed for cosmetic purposes in the United States, but BrightOcular can arrange for you to get the surgery from doctors in other areas of the world.

There are doctors in Mexico, Jordan, India, and Lebanon who perform the eye change surgery procedure with BrightOcular products. Doctors who use the BrightOcular products, insert special silicone colored lenses under the iris. This is how the packages with BrightOcular works:

Patients must get eye tests before the procedure. The tests can be completed by your own ophthalmologist or you can have one of the BrightOcular doctors complete the tests for you. Patients who choose to have the BrightOcular doctors complete the tests for them, travel to the destination four days before the procedure. There are nine tests  eye examinations that are required before you are deemed to be an acceptable patient for the surgery, and an doctor/ophthalmologist must also provide your medical history and eye history. The surgery takes a few minutes to complete, but patients must have someone drive them home, and they must follow the doctor’s post-surgery instructions.

How Much Does the BrightOcular Eye-Change Surgery Cost?

The BrightOcular procedure cost is usually about $10,500, but some doctors have discounts and offer the surgery for as low as $6,495 in India and $8,995 in Mexico.

Although the eye-color change position, using BrightOcular products has been a hot topic if you are seriously considering travel to get the surgery, you must also consider that there are risks associated with the procedure. The surgery is new, and is only performed by a few doctors around the world, compared to other cosmetic procedures. BrightOcular representatives have written that the doctors that patients are referred to for the surgery have been performing the eye-color change surgery since 2010. Most of the surgeries have been performed in Tunisia, India and Jordan, with about 600 surgeries performed overall.


People who are interested in the surgery can contact BrightOcular to receive details on the medical tests that are required prior to treatment and to obtain help in planning the surgery with one of the doctors. Occasionally, Brightocular publiclly offers contact information  for doctors who might be interested in performing the surgery. Here is just a few of those doctors:

Dr. Menif Montasser (Doctor who performed Tiny Harri’s BrightOcular srugery)
Tunisia, Africa
Dr Mannu C Rajnani Dr Mannu Laser Eye Surgeries,
1st Floor Society Plot 433 TPS3 15th Road Khar(West)Mumbai 400052 INDIA
Tel:Hospital:91-22-26004467-26006801-26007828 / 919664101201
Dr’s Mobile:91-9821032072
Dr. Suraj Munjal
New Delhi India
Dr. Cesar Sanchez Galeana
Mexico City
Shibu Varkey
Dr. Liu Yang
Dr. Raquel Wang
Costa Rica
Dr. Erion Dasho
Albania, Kosova, and Macedonia
Weave Trip

Tiny Harris from Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip reality TV show, Photo courtesy of VH!