Modern first class suites offers passengers their own private seating areas with seats that fully recline into flat beds. Other amenities may include pajamas, luxurious toiletries, and limo service to your destination.First Class sections have come a long way from merely providing a comfortable seats and basic meals.


 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin

Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin, Photo Courtesy of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has some of the most comfortable suites in the industry with more privacy in first class and comfortable flat-beds, measuring 82 inches long (6.8 feet)  and 35 inches wide (2.9 inches wide). In May 2014, Singapore Airlines announced that more than $300 million will be invested in upgrading 19 more their Boeing 777-300ERs with comfortable new seats and other amenities, including the Krisworld Entertainment station with touchscreen technology and 24-inch screens for first class passengers. The Krisworld system has an 18-inch screen for business class passengers.



Lobster on Singapore Airlines

Lobster on Singapore Airlines


First class passengers have culinary feasts like Lobster Thermidor with grilled asparagus that can be ordered 24 hours in advanced from Singapore Airline’s online menu. Different entrees are available depending on the class and the departure city. Singapore Airlines departs from Los Angeles in the United States.


 Cathay Pacific Airline

Cathay Pacific Entertainment First Class

Cathay Pacific Entertainment First Class, Photo Courtesy of Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific Airlines provides private suites for first class passengers. The suites come with entertainment centers with hundreds of channels and noise cancelling headphones. There are also connections for laptops, cell phone and other devices. The seats on the Cathay Pacific fully recline into flat-beds, which are 82 inches long (6.8 feet). The beds have a thick mattress. Each first class passenger receives cotton pajamas and amenity kits, which include toiletries and skin care products. Meals on Cathay Pacific Airlines are made to order, and passengers have a large wine menu from which to make their wine selections.


The Emirates Airline

Emirates-A380-First-Class Suite

Emirates-A380-First-Class Suite, Photo Courtesy of Emirates


The Emirates First Class Private Suite  provides privacy and a mini bar, so you can’t go wrong. The mini bar, shown in the image above, is stocked with soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. If you are traveling with a friend, you can have adjoining rooms with a divider between that can be raised and lowered. The bed is about 6.5 feet long.

Emirates First Class Shower Spa

Emirates First Class Shower Spa

First class passengers have access to two shower spas, so each guest can feel comfortable, fresh and clean during flights.


British Airways

British Airways

British Airways, Photo Courtesy of British Airways

Passengers can lie down in a cozy private suite on British Airways and receive the attention that they deserve during their flight. The entertainment center includes 15-inch screens, USB ports, and a connection for your cell, camera, or notebook. Guests receive bags with grooming products. Inside, they’ll find lip balm, eye cream, and moisturizer. The flat-beds are 6 feet and 6 inches.


Air France

Air France La Premiere

Air France La Premiere, Photo Courtesy of Air France

The La Premiere, Air France first class experience begins as soon as you pull up to the airport. Air France will meet you, take you to a private lounge, and you get a priority position through airport security checks. You’ll also meet the staff members who will assist you during your flight. La Premiere guests are driven to their plane after they complete airport security checks. Seats convert to beds 6.5 feet long and 30 inches wide.


Grosses Crevettes - Tagliatelles de légumes


 American Airlines

American Airlines Turn down

American Airlines turn down, Photo Courtesy of American Airlines

American Airlines’ first class area offers each first class passenger a  flat-bed that measures 6 feet long and 6 inches wide. There is a low panel to give passengers a measure of privacy, but the panel walls appear to be lower than other privacy panels on airlines. The seats are easily able to recline and a personal entertainment system with ports/connections for passengers’ digital gadgets.  Noise-canceling headphones are included. The suites have storage areas underneath them

American Airlines Premium Meal Media Room


Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, Photo Courtesy of Delta Airlines

Delta was the first U.S.-based airline to have flatbed seats in its entire business class section.  It’s the first U.S. carrier to offer flat-bed seats and direct aisle access from all seats in the BusinessElite overseas flights.  The seats are about 76 inches long when expanded into beds. That’s about 6.33 feet. They are about 1.8 feet wide. The direct aisle seats  provide all business class passengers with access to an aisle, eliminating the struggle to climb over seatmates to get to the restroom or stretch in the aisle.