The most notable part of season 1 episode 11 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, was probably the date night between Nikki and Fizz. Teairra Mari and Hazel E. tried to patch things up, Nia and Soulja Boy communicated about losing their baby.


Cast of Love and  Hip Hop: Hollywood

Cast of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Photo courtesy of VH1

The Villa Restaurant, Woodland Hills

Teairra hooked Nikki up with Drew (Fizz) at the Villa Restaurant. The three hung out together for the first time at the Villa Restaurant in Woodland Hills. Drew and Nikki liked each other, but they did look a little odd together. Drew knew that Nikki Mudarris had been managing two of her family’s clubs, Crazy Girls and Seventh Veil in Los Angeles. He described her as a spoiled girl, but after dealing with Amanda, he didn’t mind. Actually, Drew and Nikki seemed to be interested in going out and seeing where it led, so it wasn’t too surprising when they went out together at the X Bar Los Angeles later in this episode.

XBar Los Angeles

The XBar Los Angeles is said to be a hangout for Century City’s entertainment professionals. The bar recently underwent a renovation to make it more unique. XBar has a full burger menu. There’s a relaxing ambiance, with firepits and cushioned seating. It’s perfect for first date conversation.


Marmalade Cafe Calabasas

Ray J got together with his sister, Brandy, who told Ray J that all of the women in his life were talking to each other. She also told her brother that he’s the problem. She didn’t like the environment that he was in, but the environment at the Marmalade Cafe where Ray J. and Brandy sat and talked was pretty nice. Menu items include grilled, herbed steak, buttermilk fried chicken salad, and creamy chicken and wild rice soup.The Calabasas location is one of nine locations for the restaurant.


Clear Lake Recording Studios

Hazel E explained the situation with Yung Berg to her manager. Her manager told her that she needs to focus on her work and forget about Yung Berg, but Teairra, he said, is her friend, so that’s a different matter.

At an undisclosed park, on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Hazel E. and Teairra Mari got together to discuss their friendship. Hazel E. apologized to Teairra, but when she asked Teairra to stop working with Fizz so they could move forward in their friendship, Teairra told Hazel that she wouldn’t do that, and walked away.


Entourage Studios North Hollywood

Souja Boy and Nia discussed Nia’s miscarriage and their argument. Soulja Boy apologized, and Nia ended up crying in the studio. In a previous episode, Nia explained to her father, Teddy Riley, that she was planning to move in with Soulja Boy. In this episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, she told her mother the news. As shown on the show, neither of her parents had met Soulja Boy outside of the taping.