On the Amazing Race the remaining  six teams were instructed to leave Dubai and take flights to Bali, Indonesia on the episode that aired at 8 p.m. on April 22, 2016 on CBS.

The teams went go to Bali’s most photographed temple in Denpensar. When they arrived, they had to deliver two types of offerings to the temples. First, they were to go the Pura Enjung Galuh Temple where they had to deliver the first offering. Next, they had to go to Tanah Lot, the snake temple.

Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson got to the area first, but they went to the wrong temple. Yes. The first temple that they had to get to was only about 20 yards away from the clue. All of the teams carried the tall offerings of fruit to the temples without much trouble, but when they reached the second temple, the snake temple, they were surprised when the local people wrapped gigantic snakes around their necks.

WARNING: Snakes, ahead. 🐍#AmazingRace

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Next they had to proceed to the Bat Temple and visit the natural salt makers.

Roadblock: Salt of the Earth

People of Bali have been making highly sought after salt for thousands of years, Phil Keoghan said.
Teams had to collect sea water and pour it on black volcanic sand, so the water could evaporate.
They then had make their way to a coconut tree where the resulting salt had been crystallized. Once they had scraped enough salt up from the lengthwise coconut trees to fill up four bags, they got their next clue.

Since they were the last to arrive to the pit stop in Dubai, Sheri and Cole LaBrant had to complete a Speed Bump.
They had to go to a busy area and figure out that a man on a motor bike offered meals on wheels. They then had to wave him down, prepare 10 breakfast meals, and they had to give them to people nearby. Sheri and Cole and then had to eat the  traditional meal.

Back at the Salt of the Earth Roadblock, Tyler Oakley (Tyler and Korey) had to do a lot of manual labor to wet the sand with the saltwater. The team members had to carry two buckets of seawater at a time. The buckets were connected to wood, which they carried on their shoulders.

Kurt Gibson worked on the task for his teammate Brodie Smith. Kurt revealed that he was a cancer survivor. He beat colon cancer seven years ago. Rachel King volunteered to complete the salt task for her team, but she struggled, because she needed upper body strength to bring the saltwater-filled buckets back from the sea. Her partner said he felt bad for her. It was clearly a bad decision for her to complete this Roadblock.

The food that Sheri and Cole had to eat for their Speed Bump was very spicy.
Back at the Speed Bump Cole said: “I’m afraid of what this meat is. Is it goat testicle?”

At the Salt of the Earth Roadblock, Rachel could only carry quarter loads of water from the sea to the sand.

She could feel the hot sun beating on her back, and she could feel her back getting sunburned.
“I was fighting not to just cry,” Rachel said.

After the teams completed the Salt of the Earth Roadblock, they received a clue that told them to proceed to Pantai Mertabari for another Roadblock.

Phil said that the annual kite festival is a popular event in Bali. This festival features giant kites that are 36 feet wide and 1,000 feet long.

First the teams had to build a kite with kite enthusiasts watching. Then it was time for teams to go fly a kite. If they could get their kites airborne, they received their next clue. The partner who completed the Salt of the Earth Roadblock could not complete the Go Fly a Kite Roadblock.

Back at the Salt Roadblock, Kurt wasn’t having very good luck. He dropped a full bag of salt before he could take it to be inspected. This placed Kurt and Brodie’s team in third place.

Cole (Sheri and Cole) was struggling, too. “I’ve never been to a mental hospital for going crazy, but if I were, it would be from tying salt bags,” he said.

Since Rachel completed the Salt of the Earth Roadblock, Zach King had to complete the Kite Roadblock. He didn’t have much of a problem putting the kite together, but they were behind.

From Tyler Oakley and Korey’s Kuhl team, Korey was absolutely killing (in a positive way) the Kite Roadblock. His partner, Tyler, complimented him.

Then Phil appeared from another part of the island and explained that Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands and is blessed with what seems to be an infinite number of spectacular beaches.

Teams had to find Phil on a boat that looked a little similar to a pirate’s ship. The teams had to sail traditional Indonesian sailboats to reach his boat and then swim to him. All of the teams eventually made it to his boat.

⛵️@zachking and @rachelmking paddle out to Phinisi tonight! #AmazingRace ⛵️

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Here is the order that the Amazing Race teams found Phil:
Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl, Burnie Burns & Ashley Gibson, Sheri & Cole LaBrant, Dana Borriello & Matt Steffanina, Brodie Smith & Kurt Gibson, and Zach and Rachel King.

Zach & Rachel were eliminated.

Photo of Bali by Thomas Depenbusch