The situation that Warryn Campbell was having with Tina didn’t get any better in the Mary Mary episode that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on April 21, 2016 on WEtv. Warryn decided to have a special celebration for his 40th birthday. He invited all of his family members and friends and award the people who helped him in his life. Warryn named the event, the Dubb awards, after his nickname. He wanted Mary Mary to perform, which meant that he had to ask Tina to sing with Erica.

Warryn and Tina Campbell had refreshments at Coral Tree Café. Tina was excited about singing for Warryn’s birthday celebration. She was relieved that he wasn’t asking her to make another Mary Mary album, because that wasn’t something that she was ready to put on her to-do list in the near future. She had plans to go on tour again.

Warryn was glad that Tina said yes to the performance. He’d hoped that the performance at his party would soften Tina’s heart and make her want to make the Mary Mary album that Sony demanded.

Tina didn’t realize at the time that Warryn’s birthday awards ceremony fell on the same dates as her trip to Maui. When she realized her error, she decided to tell Erica that she wouldn’t be able to make it for Warryn’s awards ceremony. Tina, Erica and Goo Goo met up at a local clothing store, where Goo Goo had planned to find clothes for them to wear for Warryn’s celebration.

Erica was highly irritated and disappointed to hear that Tina wasn’t participating in Warryn’s special day. Erica told her sister, Tina that she was going to tell Warryn that she lied, because Tina said she was going and now she wasn’t.

Goo Goo and Mitchell

Goo Goo had been trying to contact Mitchell Solarek for days. Either he said that he was too busy to talk or she couldn’t reach him at all. She was frustrated at the situation, because she wanted to know what Mitchell was doing to help her career. Mitchell had approached her about him helping her become a star. He envisioned Goo Goo as a TV host, talking about fashion during red carpet events.

Mitchell finally answered his phone and said that he would cancel a meeting so he could have lunch with Goo Goo, but he explained that he had been having conversations to help her. He was just busy, he said.

Goo Goo had a conversation with Erica at Philippe Restaurant to ask her advice about Mitchell’s lack of communication. Erica told her that Mitchell was probably just trying to weasel his way back into working with Mary Mary, and might be trying to use Goo Goo to do that. Her advice was to talk to him face-to-face and get clear answers as to how he was going to help her, so if he didn’t come through, Goo Goo will be able to point it out.

Finally, Goo Goo and Mitchell connected at Blu Jam Cafe in Los Angeles and Mitchell told Goo Goo that she needs to trust him. He said that she needs to stop judging him based on the past relationship he had as a manager for Mary Mary. He wanted Goo Goo to stop thinking that everything he did was bad or that he always had an ulterior purpose.

“I feel like you are trying to use me to get back to me sisters or something,” Goo said. “The more I hear, the more I think I agree with Erica. I don’t think that I could trust Mitchell.”

Goo Goo said that Mitchell needed to take the first step by changing his ways, taking her all of her calls and showing up on time to talk to her.

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