The teams finally left from Indonesia and headed to Shenzhen, China in Season 28, Episode 11 of the Amazing Race. The That’s Money, Honey episode aired  at 8 p.m. on May 6, 2016 on CBS.

Shenzhen is China’s first special economic zone Phil said. The area grew from a small fishing village to a major economic powerhouse in 35 years. The teams were to find their next clue in the departure hall of the airport. Tyler & Korey, the winners of the last leg of the Amazing Race, were the first to leave.

Cole said that he knew nothing about China; he had been to China Town in Alabama, but he didn’t think was the same. His mother, Sheri agreed. All of the teams were in the travel agent’s office at the same time, and they all were able to get the 1:45 flight to Shenzhen.

When they arrived, most of the teams teams found the clue in the departure hall of airport in China.  While in the airport, Matt suggested that they hide their clues, so Sheri & Cole wouldn’t know that they had found it. “Just be discreet in case you see any other teams,” Matt said.

“Hide your clues,” Tyler told Korey. (glasses)

Sheri & Cole had the most trouble in the airport in China. They couldn’t find the departure hall where the clue was located and opted instead to exchange money.  They didn’t know that Tyler & Korey already had their clues. When they asked them if they had found their clue, they said they didn’t find it. Then Burnie came around holding his clue in his hand and totally blew their cover. “Is the Departure Hall in the third floor,” Sheri asked. “Fourth Floor, Burnie replied.

“Thank you,” Sheri said, cheerfully.

The clue told them to find the Eiffel Tower, which was in the Window of the World. So, they made their way by bus and train to the Eiffel Tower. On the bus, Tyler and Korey were saying that it was time for Sheri and Cole to go. Meanwhile the airport, The mother and son, realized that Korey and Tyler had lied to them and said that they hadn’t found their clue yet.

All of the Amazing Race racers went to the train station where they had to buy tickets and make their way to Window of the World. Cole and Sheri missed their train to get to there.

Roadblock: It’s A Small World

Tyler and Korey, currently in first place, were the first to get the next clue. Phil explained that over 130 landmarks are at the huge theme park, Window of the World, where Chinese visitors can experience tourist attractions in their own backyard. The teams had to solve location puzzles on stickers throughout the park, and collect photos of the famous places.

An immigration officer will stamp each correct answer. When they have all of the answers, they’ll have their next clue.

“Going into this leg, we knew Burnie and Ashley were a threat,” Korey said.

So, Tyler and Korey worked with Dana and Matt to solve the clues.

Then Sheri & Cole showed up. Sheri was participating in the Road Block for her team. She read the clues and was perplexed. “Reenactments of famous battles? I just don’t know,” she said.

“The head of a lion and the body of a fish? I have no idea, honestly,” Sheri said standing in the amusement with a confused look on her face.

Burnie sabotaged the clues. He was ahead of Tyler & Dana, who were still working together.

“They’re still looking. “Good,” Burnie said. “That makes me happy. A couple of jackasses working together. I’m doing better by myself.”

Tyler & Dana went to the passport representative in the amusement park to see if they had all of the clues solved. There was one incorrect answer. It was the palace.

“The palace was wrong. That’s the only one that we didn’t know,” Dana said.

Burnie got his clue first. The clue told him to make his way by subway to Lychee Park.

Tyler got the last clue and and the photo that he needed to get his clue from the agent. The passport agent stamped his passport. He was so happy that he hugged Dana.

And then there was one, Cole said standing alone, as the other teams headed off.

“That was so much running.” Burnie said. “I went around the world eight times.”

And Sheri was still lost in the amusement park. She found some people in the park to help her find the statue with the head of a lion and a body of a fish.

In another location, Tyler & Cole, Burnie & Ashley, and Matt and Dana were running through the park, trying to find the Moon Bridge in Lychee Park.

They found it near some musicians playing traditional Chinese music.

Next, Phil said that they teams were to decide if they were going to take a modern commute or deliver art to a Shenzhen gallery.

Detour: Commuter Cycle


With nothing to hold on to, except a briefcase, they had to master Commuter Cycle, and simulate taking it to work. The teams changed into business suites for this detour.


Detour: Master of Arts

The Dalfen Oil Painting Village is known as one of the largest mass producers of oil paintings in the world, Phil said. At one point, there would be 10,000 master painters working there at any given time. They had to find a painter with a marked paint brush, who would give them a set a paintings to deliver to a gallery, where they had to hang them to exact specifications.

Korey & Tyler and Dana & Matt did the art gallery detour right from the start. Burnie & Ashley tried to ride the Commuter Cycles.

And both teams failed to get their paintings to pass after the first try. The spacing wasn’t right.

Burnie & Ashley couldn’t get the hang of riding the commuter cycle, so they switched to the Master of Arts detour.  Cole was confident that they could ride the commuter cycle. He said that he was athletic; he could skateboard. He would talk his Mom through it. When he got there and saw the commuter cycles he instantly regretted his decision.

So, Burnie & Ashley were trying to find the painter with the marked paint brush. Tyler & Korey were the first to have their painting accepted. Their clue told them to go to the Pit Stop, Shenzhen Library Terrace.

Dana & Matt had their painting approved after Tyler & Korey.

Burnie & Ashley had trouble finding the gallery.

And Cole & Sheri were riding those commuter cycles. “My mom was better at it than me.”

Then it started raining on them, but they didn’t give up.

Tyler & Korey were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, and they became one of the three teams to race for $1 million. Dana & Matt were second to the Pit Stop with a huge pink dancing dragon to greet them.

Burnie & Ashley finished hanging their painting.

Sheri and Cole kept falling off their commuter cycles, but they completed the challenge successfully. When they arrived at their destination, they were given the combination to their suitcases, which contained the clue.

They stayed hopeful although they were in last place, and they knew it. Cole said that there had been plenty of times when they thought they were out, when they were not out.

It turns out that Burnie & Ashley had trouble finding the Pit Stop, so there was a nail-biting, heart-pounding race to the finish. Who was going to make it to Phil first? Will Sheri & Cole, the underdogs who were behind for this entire leg make it in first or Burnie & Ashley, the trash-talking (Burnie) yet strong team?

In one absolutely shocking moment, Sheri & Cole appeared. They made it to the Pit Stop before Burnie & Ashley, and Burnie & Ashley were eliminated.

“We were riding those unicycles for like three years!” Cole said, still surprised.

“It is enormously disappointing not to not make it to the final, final leg of the Amazing  Race,” Burnie said. “We just had a classic bad day on the race, and you can’t do that this late in the game.”


Lychee Park by Fatima