This episode of the Real Housewives of New York, which aired at 9 p.m. on June 29, 2016  on Bravo revolved around vaginas and food. The women went to Wild pizza shop in New York and they were given a variety of ingredients to make their own pizzas. They talked about their medical issues. Both Jules and Bethenny had gynecological issues in this episode. But aside from that, while at the restaurant, Jules acted odd, as though she was afraid to eat, and Bethenny said that Jules still was in the throes of dealing with her eating disorder.

When it was time to eat the pizzas that they’d made, Bethenny decided that she wanted to try Jules’ calzone. Too bad that it had a fork, a knife and a marinara cup baked inside the calzone, hence the title of the episode, “Steel Calzones”.

Jules is always a bit wacky. That’s why I love her, but I think the pain meds she’s taking for the [points downward] might not be a good thing to be mixing with the [makes a drinking motion].


Real Housewives of New York: Steel Calzones

Carole was concerned when she heard that Jules takes Adderall daily. She had a talk with her friend, Heather during an ice skating excursion. Carole explained that one of the side effects of Adderall is weight loss, so it was concerning that a person with an eating disorder was taking it every day.

Jules had a visit form Dorinda and talked about how she couldn’t stand it when people talk around her eating disorder.

I was really insulted that Carole was commenting on my eating and Bethenny was making jokes on my integrity. That’s just not cool. Who treats people like this? I would never do that to them.


Real Housewives of New York: Steel Calzones

Jules said that although Bethenny respects people who are honest, she would not be so open to Bethenny because she doesn’t deserve it.

“You need to say it,” Dorinda said. Don’t say it to me. Say it to her, because she would be receptive to it, by the way.”

Dorinda felt bad. She brought Jules into the group and she doesn’t want to see her hurt, but Jules was already hurt. Not so much from Bethenny, but from her husband, Michael. Jules said that she called Michael 100 times after she had the accident that hurt her vaginal area. She was climbing into a window when she got hurt. Michael didn’t pick up when she called, so her brother and his wife picked her up and took her to the ER. Apparently, this all happened at 2 around p.m. and Michael didn’t show up until 8 p.m. when Jules finally came home from the hospital, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, and gave the kids a bath.

Bethenny was having her own vaginal problems. She was having a problem with her fibroids. The doctor said that she had to wait until the bleeding subsides before he tries to correct the problem with surgery, though.

In another part of New York, Sonja cleaned out her basement with the help of Dorinda. She had a tearful moment as she recalled the days that she had a complete family. She felt that was in a better place when it came to her relationship with Bethenny, because she thought that Bethenny was a little more open to her.

Meanwhile, Bethenny’s doctor told her that she needed to have a living will for him to attempt the surgery, because her uterus was in such bad shape. Bethenny felt extremely lonely, because she doesn’t have parents or siblings to rely on during hard times like this.

Luann was in her own world with Tom and had a party to reconnect with the rest of the women. Ramona spoke with Luann and told the Countess that she was in the outs with Bethenny and Carole. Ramona felt that Luann really should have contacted Carole and followed up on the text to repair their relationship, but Luann didn’t care about Carole. She thought she’d done enough to apologize to her.

I’m in love with a man that I’m going to marry. I really don’t care what Carole Radziwill thinks.


Real Housewives of New York: Steel Calzones

Ramona suggested that Luann text Carol and apologize again. In fact, Luann felt that Carol should do the apologizing, since Luann extended the olive branch first.

Luann invited the girls to Palm Beach, and announced that Carol was not invited, but Sonja was invited, and she wasn’t sure if Bethenny was going to be invited.