Tiny Harris and Shekinah Jo have embarked on a road trip through America in one of VH1’s latest spinoffs Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip. In the premiere episode, the two friends acquired a bus, had it customized in pink, fought over the costs for the business and how the money from the venture would be split.


Weave Trip

Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip; Photo courtesy of VH1

In the seven episodes that remain in the season, Tiny and Shekinah will travel to New Orleans, Arizona, and ultimately California. They’ll promote their mobile hair salon, have cultural experiences, have plenty of laughs, and definitely get on each other’s nerves.

In the premiere episode that aired on October 13, the duo went to see mediators to help them make some business decisions together. The two mediators from Miles Mediation & Arbitration, a top mediation firm in Atlanta, heard so much bickering during Tiny and Shekinah’s meeting that the mediators agreed that they wouldn’t want to be on that bus; the bus ride would be the longest one ever.

Tiny and Shekinah made it through the mediation process and secured a bus from for the trip. The business women visited Fritz Classic Bus Sales, owned by Fritz Engelmann to search for their mobile weave bus. The newly painted mobile weave trip bus was customized to include a hair station with a white beauty chair and a beauty mirror with lights. There’s a black sofa in the back of the bus. The bus even has two hair dryers up in the ceiling. In case you are wondering, the mobile weave trip bus does has a sink “bowl” for washing hair.

Tiny and Shekinah’s weave trip, a 30-minute travel reality show spin-off, will continue to air on Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET on VH1.

Here’s a video from the show of Tiny and Shekinah’s weave trip bus:

Here is the full episode of Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip: