In Episode 5 Season 25 of the Amazing Race, Kym and Alli were the first to leave Copenhagen. They  made arrangements to take a flight to Morocco and head to the Jemaa El-Fnna Marketplace. They were disappointed, because they learned that they would lose their lead since they’d have to wait until the next day to take their flight.

The teams all caught up, but Jim and Misti had to complete a speed bump. Their clue told them that they had to carry some heavy carpets to a hotel in the area and hang the carpets on a wire using a pole. Meanwhile, the other teams were in the Jemaa El-Fnna market, an active market with street entertainment, food, and various items for sale, like leather shoes for instance, but more on that later. The teams pulled carts and assembled items in them under the guidance of some of the sellers. Apparently, the food carts were rickety. Bethany said that the Moroccan food carts make New York carts look luxurious.


The Amazing Race 25 was in Morocco

Photo by Grand Parc, Creative Commons License 

All of the teams successfully completed the food cart Active Route Marker successfully. A few teams complained about the smell of the food, but they hadn’t smelled nothing yet. The 2505 Route Marker Roadblock was waiting for them. In this roadblock, one team member had to skin the hair off the hide of a dead animal by hand, and take a couple of loads of skin hides to a nearby tannery. Bethany did the skinning for her team. She’d been nervous about completing a roadblock and wanted the opportunity to get over her fear. Misti completed the roadblock for her team. She felt that she had to boost her confidence after the tragic restaurant challenge that she competed in the last episode. Nici, Brooke, Tim, Kym, and Amy also completed this roadblock.

The hides were smelly, and Kym said it was “The worst thing that she had ever done in her life.” Bethany used her feet to stabilize the hides as she ripped the hair off with her hand. She clearly was able to keep up with her competitors. Kym called Bethany a beast (in a good way) because she worked so fast and efficiently. After they skinned the carcasses, the teams loaded them onto bikes and rode around the maze-like alleys to find the cobbler’s shop. Once they found the cobbler, they all got receipts and tried to find the tannery.

At the tanner’s shop Shelley, Nici, and Keith were trying to get the next clue first. When Keith tried to get closer to the front of the group, Shelley shouted that he needed to be with his partner. Whitney ran up and said that they were all together when they were coming up. Shelley must have pushed Keith, because he shouted back, “if you push me one more time,” Then Shelley screamed “And what? Don’t threaten me,” in a don’t mess with me voice. Keith backed down, but the situation came back to bite him. He should have let them get all the way in front of him.

Episode 5 Amazing Race Detours

Following the roadblock, the teams had to choose between two detours, Twirl Time or Tea Time. In Twirl Time, the teams had to dance to a specific beat. One team member had to beat a drum while the other team member had to twirl a hat with a tassel. The tassel and to swing around and around the person’s head for at least a minute.

In Tea Time, the teams had to pour Moroccan tea in a manner that is traditional to the region. Both team members participated in the event. One person poured the tea while the other person held the tray with the tea cups.

The teams that chose Tea Time were: Adam and Bethany, Tim and Te Jay, Misti and Jim, Brooke and Robbie, and Keith and Whitney.

The teams that chose Twirl Time were:
Kym and Alli, Nici and Shelley, Amy and Maya and Keith and Whitney

Twirl Time was comical to watch. The teammates who did the twirling made the strangest faces while trying to get their tassels to revolve. Kym and Alli had a rhythm going. Kym couldn’t keep the twirling going for anything, so it was good that the teams were allowed to switch places. Alli took over the twirling and she actually kept it going, although she had to bend in weird positions to keep the hat on her head.

Maya had the worst trouble keeping the hat on. It seemed like her hat was falling off every second. She provided great entertainment for the crowd. Amy and Maya switched and Amy was able to keep her hat on and her tassel twirling. Keith and Whitney were a lost cause. They really couldn’t keep the hat twirling at all. First Whitney tried (a lot). Then Keith tried. After what seemed like hours later, Whitney said she was done and they tried the second Detour, Tea Time.

Adam and Bethany, Tim and Te Jay, Misti and Jim, Brooke and Robbie and of course, Keith and Whitney also tried Tea Time. This particular Detour emphasized an eye for detail. The teams had to realize that the tea had to be poured at a certain height. While Tim and Te Jay poured and completed Tea Time, Jim and Misti were still working on it. It took them at least nine or ten tries to pour the tea correctly. Misti wasn’t holding the tray properly.

Keith and Whitney had the hardest time. Once they got past Tea Time, they discovered that they were U-Turned. Nici and Shelley U-Turned them for revenge. Remember the incident earlier? Whitney wanted to win the Amazing Race so she could have the honeymoon of her dreams (and win $1 million) but they came in last and were eliminated.

Here’s the order in which the Amazing Race teams made it to the Pit Stop:

Kym and Alli
Adam and Bethany
Tim and Te Jay
Shelley and Nici
Brooke and Robbie
Misti and Jim
Amy and Maya
Keith and Whitney