A crab melt
Photo by LauraFries.com

This delicious sandwich is a crab melt from Einstein’s, a restaurant/bar in Atlanta where the Bad Girls Club ladies often met up, ate, and gossiped. Where is one of the most luxurious places to party in Atlanta? Head over to The Opera, one of the most glamorous nightclubs in Atlanta. This club was also one of the destinations for the Bad Girls Club in Atlanta.   Harlem Nights, was the scene of some Bad Girls Club partying in Atlanta, but unfortunately this was the same lounge in which rapper Gucci Mane allegedly slammed a fan over the head with a glass bottle after the fan asked for a photograph. Visitors who travel to Atlanta might have seen Cascade Skating Rink in the movie, ATL (and other TV shows). Cascade is an iconic symbol of good times and the 80’s. Cascade isn’t very luxurious, but it’s a fun place to visit.