Big secrets were revealed on Bad Girls Club Season 15 Episode 5, A Family Affair (& other tall tales) Part Deux) which aired at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 on Oxygen. The girls woke up to peace and quiet in the house since Jazmyn and Jaimee were gone to a hotel the night before because of a fight in the limo. Jazmyn and Jaimee always seemed to provoke the others with their rowdy behavior.

Diamond decided to move back into Olivia’s room because of the tension that Olivia had been experiencing from the other ladies. The group was upset because Olivia had lied to them about having cancer. Diamond said that she was going to stick to Olivia and protect her if needed.

BAD GIRLS CLUB -- Season: 15 -- Pictured: (l-r) Diamond, Olivia -- (Photo by: Kareem Black/Oxygen)

BAD GIRLS CLUB — Season: 15 — Pictured: (l-r) Diamond, Olivia — (Photo by: Kareem Black/Oxygen)

The ladies in the house hoped that Jazmyn and Jaimee would not return, but they showed up the next morning.

Olivia got a phone call from her love interest, Jamie. This wasn’t unusual except that when told that Olivia was with her sister, Jamie said that Olivia did not have a sister. This surprised everyone, but no one confronted Olivia.

Jazmyn and Jaimee, bored with the rest of the cast went out to Secrets Nightclub to continue their ongoing partying. The rest of the group went to Xiomara on Melrose, a high-end restaurant that serves modern Cuban cuisine. While Jazmyn and Jaimee were twerking the night away at the club, their other women were praying over their food having discussions.

Xiomara on Melrose opened in 2002, and has been serving modern Cuban food based on traditional recipes.


Jaimee said that the other girls were not bad girls. If they were bad girls they would be doing the same things as her sister and her, she said.


When Jaimee and Jazmyn went to yet another club (on a different night) to keep their private party going the cast decided to prank them by hiding their things. Of course the sister were highly annoyed when the returned home from another night of drinking and dancing to find that their makeup was missing.

When the two tried to tell Olivia what happened, Diamond overheard them saying that she was a follower (she didn’t stop the other girls from taking their things). Diamond had suggested that the two look for their belongings. Diamond was livid at being called a follower and an argument ensued. Diamond ended up removing herself from the situation and out of the room that she now shared with Olivia. Olivia thought that it was a sign of disloyalty for her to move out and leave her with Jaimee and Jazmyn.

Olivia and Diamond had an argument about Diamond wanting to stay in the house for her career.

The real truth came out when Diamond was on the phone with someone. She kept telling the person on the phone that she wanted to talk to him, but he was at work. Olivia purposely spilled the beans. She interrupted the conversation and said that they did not have the same father at all. The two walked all through the house, and Olivia said that they were not even sisters.

Diamond was asked to go outside and talk to a Bad Girl’s Club producer. Diamond tried to cover-up the truth. She told the producer that
Olivia was making a story up about them, trying to make her look bad, because she was angry.

Laura Baron, the Bad Girls Club life club was called in. She had a sit-down conversation with the two o them. Olivia explained that Diamond wanted to be on the show for her career. She went on to say that they were not sisters. She didn’t want to be in the house anymore, and Diamond was her ex.

Olivia told Laura that they dated for about five months, two years ago. Olivia and Diamond were probably instructed to tell the other girls the truth. It was unbelievable to them that they were lied to twice.

At this point, Olivia and Diamond were still in the house. Everyone wanted to go out, except Olivia. Even Diamond came along, but the others clearly didn’t want her there. The went to the Vogue Supper Club. While there, Allison tried to talk some sense in Jaimee. She tried to convince her to be respectful to the other girls, but Jaimee wouldn’t change her mind, and Allison decided that she was done with Jaimee and Jazmyn.