This week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas began innocently enough. At Heidi Dillon’s home, LeeAnne Lockett and Heidi met to discuss charity events on the episode that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, May 2, 2016 on BRAVO.

Heidi Dillon is a woman in the know. LeeAnne is involved in the Grace project, an organization that helps women who are HIV positive. The philanthropists raised $20,000 the previous year for the organization, and LeeAnne wanted to convince Heidi to be the honorary chair of an event to raise money for the women living with HIV. Heidi would focus on getting people to buy tables. Heidi agreed to help LeeAnne.

So then, Stephanie Hollman went to Brandi Redmond’s house with her young sons. The women are going to Coweta together, Stephanie’s hometown. Stephanie was looking forward to getting away, but that wasn’t so easy, because the children were screaming, laughing loudly, crying, and doing everything that children do in the car. Before they even left, Brandi chased her little dog the dog and the cute little thing ran away from her whenever as she got close. It was all a cute little game, but she became so frustrated that she was screaming, “‘Come here you little &*^#!” before she could nab him.

LeeAnne loves pets. She first began working with charities, because she had a ill dog, herself. She met some pet philanthropists people from animal rescue at the vet. So, she ended up raising money to help their cause. She felt good helping pets and people, and when asked to help a cause that she believes in, LeeAnne has never said no.

Tiffany Hendra talked to Marie Reyes about how Leanne had the run-in with the other women and how LeeAnne she felt about Brandi. Marie, who is LeeAnne’s friend, had a cocktail party that she had invited Brandi and LeeAnne to. “I want everybody to have fun, not create drama,” she said.

Brandi and Stephanie and their kids stayed with Stephanie’s with parents in Coweta. Coweta is an extremely small town. They had no idea of what Uber was. Stephanie said  that people in Coweta are extremely non-judgemental. She said she could go to Walmart in a tutu and no one would care.

Brandi had a different upbringing. While Stephanie had come from a close family, Brandi’s family was not so close growing up because of the situation with her grandfather and her mother.

Meanwhile, Cary and Mark Deuber had a long day in surgery, and Cary going to yoga class with Tiffany. They were becoming close friends. Cary was amazing at at yoga, and in the class, she showed off her moves.

Brandi invited her grandfather to visit her in Texas to try to bond with him; she also wanted her children to finally meet their great-gandfather. She said that she would send for him.

All of the women went to Marie’s cocktail party Tiffany told Brandi that they could be friendly even though she is friends with LeeAnne. Taylor Garrett was the only guy at the cocktail party. He sat on the board of the Fashionistas with LeeAnne and Marie. “You have to walk on eggshells around her,” he said of LeeAnne. “I think she needs a good therapist.”

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Meanwhile, LeeAnne and her friend Erica were watching the whole thing.

Taylor said that he had heard that LeeAnne pooped her pants, because she was so wasted, and that tidbit of information put a smile on Brandi’s face. Tiffany, Brandi,

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Stephanie, Brandi, and Cary Deuber started chatting. Brandi began talking about LeeAnne telling the other women that LeeAnne is genuinely a b&^@#. Brandi, especially didn’t like that LeeAnne met with Brandi’s best friend, Stephanie, and also with Cary to try to warn them away from being friends with Brandi. “Have that conversation with me, not with them,” Brandi said.

Tiffany, thought it would be best for them to talk and clear the air. “I think there are some things that need to be said, and people need to be heard,” Tiffany said. First of all, Brandi apologized for not treating her elder, LeeAnne, with courtesy and not calling her ma’am. Apparently, that got back to Brandi that LeeAnne said that Brandi needs to respect her.

It was brought up that LeeAnne had been talking about Brandi with malicious intent, and LeeAnne had the nerve to say that she doesn’t have malicious intent in her body. So Brandi said that she was full of it (but she said the curse word). They rehashed the confrontation that they had at Marie’s No Tie party, and things escalated when LeeAnne said that Brandi didn’t know anything about her life, and Brandi said she did know about her, because information about her life was printed up in the tabloids for all the world to read.

LeeAnne threw her drink out on the floor. “That was so classy, by the way,” Stephanie said.


“You know what’s classy?  It’s that you stand up for a little piece of &*!@ trash who cannot keep her mouth shut,” LeeAnne yelled at Stephanie. “And you know what? Your charity world is going to go down the toilet.” Stephanie crumbled into teas, and Brandi tried to console her.