The Season 15 Bad Girls Club got a big surprise while celebrating Angela’s birthday in the Birthday Blowout episode, which aired at 9 p.m. on April 27, 2016 on Oxygen. To research birthday ideas, Asia and Kristina hung out in Venice and asked around to find fun things to do for Angela’s big day.

They didn’t come back to the house empty handed. One clever gentlemen suggested that the group take a Barcycle around Venice. What’s a Barcycle? It’s barhopping with a twist. The girls were to ride a specially designed bike, from bar to bar.

BAD GIRLS CLUB -- Season: 15 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kristina, Angela -- (Photo by: Kareem Black/Oxygen)

BAD GIRLS CLUB — Season: 15 — Pictured: (l-r) Kristina, Angela — (Photo by: Kareem Black/Oxygen)

Angela was not happy with the close relationship that her sister, Kristina had with Asia, and Angela was afraid that the Bad Girls Club was splitting her apart from her sister, instead of bringing them closer together.

“I wish Asia was my sister instead of Angela,” Kristina said.

Jaimee and Jazmyn were still causing trouble in the house.
Jaime was talking behind behind their back and Angela was ready to fight her at any time.

But they all went out and rode the Barcycle together, partly because they needed at least eight girls to operate the thing.

They met their host and their driver. Although their driver, Nick, did the steering the girls had to pedal the huge contraption to make it move.

They had a Scavenger Hunt to make the evening pop.

First, they Barcycled to the Beach of Venice where they all had to get spanked. One girl had to convince a couple to have a threesome with them. Someone had to unbutton a guy’s shirt with her teeth. They had to find a virgin and find two straight girls to kiss.

Jaimee and Jazmyn actually found a couple who wanted to have a threesome. Amber unbuttoned the guy’s mouth with her teeth. Kristina found two straight girls to kiss. Melissa found the virgin. All missions were accomplished.

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Next, they took the party to Cabo Cantina where they had to find two brunettes to give them hickies, challenge a guy to a twerking contest, and lick a guy’s ear or nipple. Everything was going well until they hooked up with those brunettes. Jazmyn participated in this challenge, and the brunette asked her if she had showered that day.

Once they had completed all of the challenges, all of the Bad Girls went to the Barcycle, and they saw the two brunettes. Those two were saying that they were going to ride on the Barcycle too. Angela was not going to have that happen.

They got up in each others faces, and all of the girls were going to fight the brunettes until those two revealed that they were the replacements for Olivia and Diamond.

The replacements are Hanan and Suha. They are two genuine tough girls with jet-black hair who have no trouble fighting.

Once it dawned on the girls that these were their new housemates and two new bad girls, they all hopped on the Barcycle together and went to the next club where they all had to act out a sex position with a guy.

Suha decided to help out and do one of tasks for the Scavenger Hunt but Angela wanted to dictate who did what. So, she got into an argument and suddenly Suha and Hanan were fighting back.

Someone (it turns out it was Angela) threw a glass and hit Hanan in the face. Things were so chaotic and hot that the producers sent Angela to a hotel, and Kristina went with her sister.

Jaimee was particularly enjoyng the chaos, and she didn’t want to go home to a boring house, so talked and laughed loudly about needing some popcorn and some men, and checked through her numbers for a guy or guys to call and invite over.

Allison had something different in mind for the evening. She wanted a little quiet. Jaimee continued her loud-talking and the redhead got up and tried to pop her. So, they fought in the limo, as best as they could and the producers decided to spring for another hotel, this time for Jazmyn and Jaimee.

The rest of the girls were relieved that the loud-talking had come to an end, but Suha and Hanan were still livid about the fight and they could not wait to get back to the Bad Girls Club house…