On this week’s episode, Parents Weekend, which aired at 8 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, on Oxygen, Kristina had some feelings about the new girls, Hanan and Suha. She felt that they were not loyal, because they were talking to Jaimee and Jazmyn. All of the girls were excited to see their parents and loved ones. Kristina spoke with her father on the phone and explained that Angela will join them for the session with Laura, the Bad Girls Club life coach.

Suha and Hanana met Laura the life coach for the first time. Hanan revealed her mommy issues. She felt as though she had to be a protector for her mother. Whenever she even heard the word, Mother, she would start crying.

Jazmyn and Jaimee’s parents were coming, but they hated each other. When their father showed up, but he was sure to keep his distance from their mother. As the other family members mingled with the girls, he stayed away from everyone. He laid out in the sun, fully dressed, although the day was overcast.

Kristina and her sister, Angela chatted privately with Laura during their Skype session. Angela felt as though Kristina was meeting her half-way and she was doing all of the work to repair their relationship.

For some reason, Amber and Asia’s mother wasn’t exactly invited to attend Parents Weekend at the house, so their aunt Carol, whom they call Momma Carol was there.

Kristina’s parents said that they saw a change in her temper. They noticed that Kristina was more mature, and Kristina was shocked and relieved  that they were getting along.

Although it was still parents weekend, the group spent out to eat without their family. They went to Lotus Restaurant. While there, Suha came up with the idea to have another charity event, a date auction, and give the money to the charity that they worked with before.

The next day, Jaimee and Jazmyn found out that their father had checked out of his hotel room. He was on the plane on the way home. Jaimee said that she didn’t expect him to stay for the session with the life coach, but he was supposed to do so.

The other girls had sessions with Laura and their family members. To glam up for their charity event, they headed to Encore Nail Salon.

“We are trying to look as we can for the date auction.” Jaimee. “We’re trying help the homeless, so we’ve got to look our best.”

Once they had their nails done, and they’d written introductions about themselves for the M.C. to read, the girls got dressed and were driven to the Game Sports Bar. Kristina came out in in short-shorts, but she was only able to get about $30.

The other girls were able to get bids that totaled hundreds of dollars. Everything was light and friendly at the auction, but when they got home it was another story. Kristina argued with Suha and Hanan over $5, and the argument turned into a fist fight.