Donna came out ahead in one aspect of her life in the Black Ink Crew episode, The Facts About Max that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on June 6, 2016 on VH1, but when it came to her relationship, she found out something that she didn’t want to hear

In the opening scene of Black Ink Crew, Donna went to Puma’s shop, and he decided to give her a chance; he gave her a job when she showed up with her portfolio. He saw that she had potential.


Down South in North Carolina, Dutchess’ mother wasn’t too happy with Ceaser, and she told Dutchess so. Dutchess’ mom felt that he should have done more to help her daughter with her shop, Pretty in Ink, but Dutchess wanted to handle her shop on her own.

Ceaser went to see his mother. Her health was failing. His mother has a kidney disease which had been impacting her brain. Ceaser’s mother cautioned him that he should marry someone who does not control him. She didn’t seem to like Dutchess.

Naeem is mentoring Donna, which could pose a problem, because his girlfriend told him to stay away from her. In this episode, Donna did her first tattoo at Art2Ink on her sister. Donna’s sister said that she loved the tattoo, and said that she was determined to grow as a tattoo artist and as a person.

Ceaser and his family drove to Tampa for his mother’s surgery. He was concerned about what his mother told him, especially since she was so sick. He felt as though he was stuck between a rock and a hard place, because he didn’t want to choose between his mother’s wishes and his fiancée.

Donna and Sky got together, for a friendly chat on this episode the Black Ink Crew. Donna wanted to vent about her boyfriend, currently in jail. Donna suspected that he might have been having a relationship with the mother of his children.

OSh** had seen some blood in his urine. He had been drinking heavily, which is a problem since he is a recovering alcohoilc He went to the doctor, and OSh** had a prostate exam on national TV. The doctor was concerned about cancer and cancer seemed to run in OSh** family. So, OSh** doctor told him that he would run some tests.

Happy to show off her body and return to the dating scene, Sky met up with not one guy but two guys at Lulu’s. She said that the first guy wasn’t worthy of her new body (he was okay for her old body) but the second guy she liked (although he admitted that he was built from the steroids he takes).

Dutchess and Ceaser got together to catch up. Dutchess voiced her concerns about getting married while Ceaser was having drama with the mother of his child. She suggested that Ceaser try to have a conversation with his ex, so they could clear the air. Ceaser called her delusional.

Donna found out that her fiance’s baby’s mother had something going with her man. The other woman and her man were having phone sex almost every day while he was in jail. That was interesting information for Donna, but then the woman started to insult her, saying that she wasn’t a good girlfriend and that Donna was promiscuous, Donna couldn’t hold back, and the woman almost had a physical fight.


The Black Ink Crew Travel Destination Focus: Lulu’s

Sky met her dates at Lulu’s Taqueria & Tequila Bar in Harlem. This casual restaurant serves up dishes with seasonal ingredients.


Watermelon Salad


Lulu’s Big Boy Burrito

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Macho Nacho With Chicken

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Coconut Mojito and Mint Basil Mojito