Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta began with plenty of Atlanta-area destinations to explore and even more drama. The premiere episode aired at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, April 4, 2016 on VH1.

The episode began at the Havana Club Atlanta, a 15,000 square foot nightclub and entertainment venue. The glamorous club has different experience in three rooms, all of the rooms have separate music genres and luxurious VIP areas.

The cast members stepped out of eye-catching sports cars before they graced the red carpet and entered the event to pay homage to Dolla, a rapper who was killed in 2009 at the Beverly Center, a shopping center in Los Angeles.

Dolla began his rap career in 2000 and released several singles including, Who the ^&# is That, featuring Akon and T-Pain. He was also a model for the Sean Jean fashion line.

In the scene at the Havana Club, viewers were introduced to a few new cast members. Karen “KK” King is Dolla’s aunt. Reality TV viewers were introduced to Karen’s son, Scrapp DeLeon, Scrapp’s girlfriend Tommie, and Tiarra, the mother of Scrapp’s son. The basis of a love triangle has already began unfolding in the first episode of  Season 5 on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Scrapp is seeing both his girlfriend and his baby’s mother. K.K. is friendly with Tommie (Scrapp’s girlfriend) but she doesn’t like Tiarra, his voluptuous baby’s mother who works for a financial firm by day and as a waitress at the Mansion Elan Night Club in Brookhaven by night. This multi-level club has a large staircase that leads to the upper level. The top level offers a bird’s eye view of the entire club. At the memorial event, K.K told Tommie that she had something to tell her.

Scrappy and his mother, Momma Dee caught up and caught fans up on what had been happening in their lives. They met at the Taylor Brawner Park in Smyrna. Scrappy and Bambi were no longer together, and Momma Dee and her husband were having rocky times because Momma Dee said, he didn’t like paying bills.

Momma Dee also explained an incident in which some friends allegedly stuck her with a dinner bill on her birthday. She said that she paid for her meal and went to the restroom. When she came out of the restroom. her friends had left. Someone called the police when Momma Dee wouldn’t pay the $500 bill.

Meanwhile, Mimi Faust introduced her new love, Chris Gould, at a white party held at the Elleven45 Lounge in Buckhead, an entertainment venue and late night restaurant. It was Chris’ birthday and Mimi invited several of her friends from the Love & Hip Hop group.




Tommie had a plan to find out the status of the relationship between Tiarra. She wants to know if Scrapp is having a relationship with the mother of his child. Scrapp had been telling Tommie that the two were only co-parenting their young son. Tommie and friends including Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime, went to the Mansion Elan where Tiarra was working.

Tommie wanted to pump Tiarra for information. Tiarra had never seen Tommie before, so it was easy for the group to have drinks at the club and casually ask the waitress some questions.

Things went a bit awry when Tiarra told Scrapp that a circle of women (who knew Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez) came into the club. Scrapp immediately went to Tommie’s place (she was waiting for him in sexy lingerie) so she could get more information from him about his relationship with the other woman. Scrapp, already knew that the two women in his life had seen each other. To try to do some damage control, he told Tommie that Tearra and him were not having a relationship outside of parenting their son.

Of course, in the confessional Scrapp said that he wanted to keep both women around. Tommie was good in bed, he said (in different words) and Tiarra, he said, was sexy and the mother of his son.