Business Travel News (BTN) has named Delta Air Lines as the leading airlines in BTN’s yearly airline survey. This is the fifth year that Delta has earned the honor from BTN. No other airline has earned the honor for five consecutive years. The survey rates the Best U.S. Airlines for Business Travel Managers and Buyers. Delta was in the number one position with 4.19 points, and United Airlines was in the number two position with 3.31 points; Southwest Airlines was in the third position with 3.28 points, and American Airlines was forth place with 3.27 points. The figures are an average of the scores, on a scale from one to five, according to the BTN. The airlines were scored in 10 categories including:

  • Transient Pricing
  • Meetings Travel Pricing
  • Services and Amenities
  • Distribution (which is providing booking information through various outlets)

In in written statement, Delta Air Lines reported  that the Department of Transportation has given Delta the highest marks for being on time, few baggage complaints, and few overall complaints. Delta and the Delta connection flies to 57 countries and 327 destinations.