Imagine visiting a lush vineyard full of tasty grapes, and later sipping on its fruits while floating on a peaceful river and eating a delicious gourmet meal. That’s what it’s like on a a luxury river cruise in Europe.

If you like cruises or think that you’ll like them maybe a luxury river cruise in Europe (or beyond Europe) might be the perfect getaway. How about  seeing the sights in Europe on a popular  Danube river cruise?

These cruises are wonderful for people who want a personalized cruising experience, hate crowds, and want the convenience of being accommodated and pampered.

Destinations for a Luxury River Cruise in Europe

A Danube River Cruise: Photo courtesy of AmlaWaterways

Take a newer riverboat during your first luxury river cruise in Europe. The AmaLea was added and christened into the AmaWaterways fleet in May, 2018. The AmaLea joins the AmaViola, AmaStella and AmaKristina.


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AmaWaterways is a family-owned company that specializes in luxury river cruises in Europe and China. The AmaLea is scheduled to sail in Europe on the Danube River between Vilshofen and Budapest. The AmaLea will also grace the rivers during four Christmas Market Cruises.

Luxury River Cruise in Europe

See the Inside of a Luxury River Boat

A Luxury River Cruise in Europe
Photo of a Danube River Cruise, Courtesy of AmlaWaterways

Partake in the free-flowing wines, sun bathe on the sun deck and when you need to cool off, take a dip in the pool. Thirsty? Use the swim-up bar.

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Rooms on the AmaLea feature panoramic views and has twin balconies. In addition to standard-sized rooms this Danube river cruise has 350-foot suites and triple-sized rooms for large families, and connecting rooms. The rooms and suites include double balconies.

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In addition to the Chef’s Table for meals, the Danube river cruise offers guests free wi-fi, a gym, and a spa. When the ship docks, guests can enjoy guided tours by bicycle or do some exploring on their own.

River Boat Cruises in Europe

Where to Cruise in Europe? Take a River Boat on the Rhine

Rhine River Longboat: Photo Courtesy of Viking

The Rhine is one of the most traveled rivers for European river boat tours.

What you’ll see on a Rhine River Cruise

Cities in Germany along the Rhine that are popular stops or a river cruise in Europe  include Cologne, Mainz, and Kloblenz.

City of Cologne on Rhine River

Cologne, Germany on the Rhine River Boat Cruise

Cologne, Germany on the Rhine River is known for the Gothic masterpiece, Cologne Cathedral. The cathedral is a UNESCO heritage site. On a luxury river cruise in Europe, take advantage of your time in Cologne. Go people watching in Old Town, and admire the mix of historic and modern buildings.

A Seine River Cruise

seine river cruise

The Seine River is one the most popular tours for river cruises. Routes for this luxury river cruise in Europe take travelers to beloved Paris. Disney’s, Adventures by Disney River Cruise is an 10-day cruise (including two nights in Paris) and stops to the beaches of Normandy, Monet’s House and Gardens, and castles and ruins.

What You’ll See on the Seine

The Seine River Cruise is known for it’s views of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and the towers of Notre Dame.

Main River Cruise in Europe

Main River Boat Cruise; Photo courtesy of  Viking Cruises

The Main River is in Germany.  Towns/cities along it’s route include Frankfurt, Bamberg, Wurzfurt and Main.

 What Can You See along the Main River?

Bamberg is a gorgeous small town, with colorful cottages, and Medieval style buildings like the ones that you’ll see in your favorite fairy tales.

I visited Bamberg for about a month, years ago. Today, the town is a UNESCO history site, which means that the entire town is amazing and teeming with historic buildings.

Bamberg, Main River Cruise
A Luxury River Boat Cruise in Europe: Main River River Cruise Wurzburg

Wurzburg, one of the cities alone the Main River,  is known for its historic cathedrals and architecture of various styles, including Baroque and Romanesque.

A European  River Cruise: Photo courtesy of Avalon

The Tranquility in the Avalon cruise. which has several different routes in Europe. Take this European riverboat from Budapest to Amsterdam, travel to Vienna, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia. Travel from Budapest to London or Berlin. Of course, you can also take a memorable trip from Amsterdam to Paris.

Ride the River (Boat) to Porto

A Luxury River Cruise in Europe: Photo Courtesy of Viking Cruises

Experience the beauty of Porto on a river cruise along the Douro River Valley. Viking Cruises offers a cruise from Lisbon to Porto (with a stop in Spain). If you know of port wine, then you’d better thank Porto. Porto is the second oldest city in Portugal with plenty of historic churches and landmarks to explore.

Rhone River Boat Cruise

Rhone River Boat Cruise

The Rhone River takes travelers through France, specifically Lyon, which is known for its delicious French food.

Avignon one of the cities on the Rhone, is usually a popular stop on the Rhone river cruise. Cruise companies plan wine tastings, tours for Provence food tours and tours of historic ruins.

Saone River Boat Cruise

Sone River Boat trip

Lyon is a possible stop alone the Saone River. It is one of the most populated cities in France. While there, you might want to visit the Parc de la Tete d’or, a lovely park with gardens and statues. The Vieux Lyon is a must-see neighborhood to visit for its Renaissance-style buildings.

Tournus is yet another possible destination for those on European river boat cruises along the Saone. Tournus is known for its Romanesque style buildings and castles.

The Moselle River flows through Germany. Some of the towns that might be stops on your European river boat cruise along the Moselle might include, Cochem, Metz, Koblenz, Burg Elz, and Trier.


Things to Do Along the Moselle River

The Cochem is a small town with just under 5,000 people, according Wikipedia. Cochem castle, although some argue that it is not authentic, is certainly worth a few photos. Guided tours are available.  Other charming places to visit in Cochem include the Old Town, which looks like it is right out of a storybook, and the chair lift ride, which takes you up to an upper station.

Trier is an older city. Sights to see include the Electoral Palace, the Cathedral of Trier, and Hauptmarkt, a cute market with plenty of interesting things to see and buy in a historic setting. The marketplace dates back to 10th Century.

Klobenz’s old town is picturesque and colorful. This town is known for its wine, architecture and food. The town itself is a blend of Germany and French culture. While there, you can’t miss Stolzenfels Castle, Mittelrhein Museum for 2,000 years worth of history, and eat to your heart’s content in the restaurants in town.

Burg Eltz is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. If you are traveling along the Moselle  you might be lucky enough to see it majestically sitting up on it’s mountain.



Metz is in France (northeast)  is the place to go in December. It is one of the homes of the Christmas Markets (a fairytale like place for shopping and Christmas festivities) so if you are contemplating taking a luxury river boat cruise in the December, consider traveling along the Moselle and making a stop in Metz. Other attractions include Porte des Allemands, German’s Gate, Temple Neuf de Metz, and Cour d’Or Museum. Porte des Allemands, also called German’s Gate, is a small fortified castle.

River Boat Cruises Around the World

River Cruise in Europe and Beyond: Photo by AdventureSmith Explorations

Adventurous travelers might want to try some of the exploration river boat cruises, which offer time to experience nature with an adrenaline rush. AdventureSmith Explorations has river cruises for spirited, active travelers. The Variety Voyager, one of the river boat cruises which accommodates fewer than 100 guests, takes guests to nature reserves and onto a few National Parks. The boat takes guests across the Panama Canal. The Variety Voyager can host up to 72 guests.

A Luxury River Cruise in Europe.
Photo Courtesy of AdventureSmith Exploration

You Can Take a River Cruise in the USA Too!

A River Cruise in Europe and Beyond: Photo by AdventureSmith Exploration

Of course, you don’t have to leave the U.S. to go one a fabulous river cruise. The SS Adventure travels in Northwest region. It departs from either Portland, Oregon or Lewiston, Idaho. along the Columbus River, Snake River. Guests who want a little adventure can experience the rapids of the Deschutes River. If taking it easy is your style, there are no worries for you.  The S.S. adventure river boat cruises include wine tasting and stories about the legacy of Lewis and Clark

Luxury River Cruises to See the Whales in Alaska

A luxury river cruise in Europe
A Luxury River Cruise in Europe  and Beyond: Photo by AdventureSmith Exploration

Whale Watching is an exciting experience, especially on a voyage on one of the river boat cruises in Alaska. On the Pacific Catalyst, you might just see a whale, right before your eyes.

See the Seals on a River Boat in Alaska

A Luxury River Cruse in Europe and Beyond: Photo by AdventureSmith Explorations

Among the versatile luxury river boats, equipped for adventures, the SS Legacy has the toys you need like skiffs and paddle boats for close encounters with wildlife. This small luxury river boat takes passengers to Alaska (departing from Seattle). The SS Legacy accommodates 88 passengers. It’s a replica of an old-fashioned steamer. Amenities include a bar and a  dance floor

River Boat Cruises to the Amazon

A Luxury River Cruise in Europe and Beyond: Photo by AdventureSmith Exploration

The Delfin II, which accommodates up to 28 guests, takes passengers along the Amazon, being flexible is the key, because the actual itineraries and activities depend on the water levels. Hikes through the Amazon are possible.

A luxury river cruise in Europe and Beyond
A Luxury River Cruise in Europe and Beyond: Photo by AdventureSmith Exploration