A favorite make-up gurus, Kandee Johnson shares some of her favorite make-up products that she carries with her when she travels. You can pack a few items from her suggest list, or try to travel with a variety of the products that she suggests. Kandee discloses what’s inside her make-up bags, so if you need ideas for packing your make-up products, you’ve come to the right place. As you watch the video, notice that Kandee demonstrates the products that she has with her on the airplane, but you can use her tips when traveling by land or by sea, as well.

A make-up professional, Kandee carries palettes for matte eye looks, shimmery looks, and for those smokey eye looks. Those of you who have separate eye-color that you would like to carry with you on your trips should pay close attention to the large magnetic Z palette case that she uses for her shadows. She has all of her favorite shades in this large palette.

Oh, and if you are looking for vibrant eye shadows that wear well and are designed to travel, you’ll see some of the high definition shadows that are created for television and movie wear.

It’s tempting to stick to using the small applicators that are packaged with your cosmetics, but Kandee recommends that you carry your brushes during your travels. Good make-up brushes are important for smooth make-up application. Kandee shows off some of her favorite make-up brushes in this video. So, if you are unsure of which brushes you need (and what you should use your brushes for) watch the brush segment.

For those days when you will spend most of your time at the beach, or the days when you simply do not want to wear a lot of make-up, she recommends BB cream products, barely there foundation for lighter coverage. She demonstrates a make-up look that you can wear while lounging around at your favorite luxury resort, on a glamping trip, or maybe you can wear her minimalist look while on a cruise. Kandee’s video is very thorough, and it is a great guide for anyone who is traveling and would like ideas of what and how to pack for a trip.

Photo of make-up by zaimoku_woodpile