The Senate passed a provision that will force airlines and customers to pay higher fees in the near future and the airline industry association Airlines for America announced on March 23 that its members do not support the increase.

by Kuster and Wildhaber Photography

Photo of an Airplane by Kuster and Wildhaber Photography

Airlines are mandated to double the Transportation Security Administration passenger security tax. The tax is expected to rise from $2.50 to $5 reported the Washington Times. The tax is slated to triple to $7.50 by 2017 for a one way trip. The Airlines for America, A4A  association is up at arms. They claim that passengers and the airlines have already paid their fair amount towards the taxes, and that the tax increase in unreasonable.

A4A CEO and President Nicholas E. Calio said that the TSA could improve security measures without the tax hike. ¬†Furthermore, he said that while money to the TSA has increased exponentially the percentage of passengers on flights decreased. The tax is expected to cost passengers about $2.5 billion a year for the next 10 years. The A4A is an advocate of programs like the Pre Check program, which pre-screens passengers who volunteer for the program and allow them to have expedited check-ins. The A4A supports the Known Crewmember Program, a program which could help the TSA verify crewmembers’ identity through their employee records in databases. The program should help reduce the time that it takes for them to check in and access certain areas of the airline.


Photo of an airplane by Kuster and Wildhaber Photography