Rhonda Wills had some choice words for Katrina Pierson on Sisters In Law in the episode that aired on April 21, 2016 at 10 p.m. on WEtv. The episode opened with a staff meeting. Rhonda met with her staff to discuss a client, LaTasha Allen, a former counselor who was hit on the highway by an 18-wheeler. LaTasha lost her spleen and also suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

Jolanda’s Client is Scared

Jolanda Jones had a client who was accused of assaulting a family member, and Jolanda was able to get his charges dropped from a felony and time served if he plead guilty. Her client got cold feet when they approached the judge and instead of pleading guilty, he tried to plead no-contest. Jolanda was able to speak to her client again. He then decided to plead guilty. Since he was able to get time served, he didn’t have to go to jail.

Vivian’s Manhunt

Juanita met with Vivian, a criminal attorney at the Gratifi Kitchen and Grill in Houston. Juanita, a public defender, had just returned from her get-away with her boyfriend Waymond. Vivian explained that Juanita was a serial dater and probably hadn’t dated anyone longer than 8 months in a long time. Vivian was up to the challenge of dating again since her daughter was away in college.

Juanita loves matchmaking and agreed to help Vivian find a man. Vivian had a long list of requirements for her Mr. Right. For example, he can’t mind that she likes to curse. He needs to be able to take control, and he has to treat her like a lady.


"NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 23: Vivian R. King attends as WE tv hosts exclusive premiere screening for new series "Sisters in Law" on March 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv)"

“NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 23: Vivian R. King attends as WE tv hosts exclusive premiere screening for new series “Sisters in Law” on March 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv)”

Vivian has a talk show called Truth and Justice with Vivian King. Rhonda was still angry about what Juanita had said about their partnership, and she vented about it to Vivian. Rhonda was most irritated that Juanita had said that their company was in the red when she left.

Rhonda warned Vivian against allowing Juanita to help her to find a man. Rhonda said that she invites men that she had rejected for herself. Rhonda was afraid that Vivian was going to be led astray. So, of course, Rhonda offered to accompany Vivian to the matchmaking event that Juanita has planned. Rhonda would serve as a sort of a friend/consultant for Vivian.

In the next scene, Juanita was preparing for the matchmaking event to be held at The Oak in the Lexington Room.  Juanita was the host and explained that Waymond would be the co-host. Monique Sparks a married criminal attorney who helped recruit eligible bachelors will also help out at the event.

Juanita was surprised to see Rhonda there.

“Why would a happily married woman come to a matchmaking event in a halter and tight leather pants and 7 inch stilletos. Really?” Juanita said in exasperation.  Monique assessed the situation and said that Rhonda should have let Vivian shine.

Finding a man for Vivian was not easy. She couldn’t help but talk about how delicious bacon tastes in her salads. The man she was talking to was a vegetarian.

Juanita whispered to Vivian that she was not supposed to tell guys her age and how long it’s been since she’s had sex, but another potential boyfriend was already in the process of walking away.

The Rhonda and Katrina Situation

Monique and Tiye Foley met at the Revelry on Richmond, an upscale sports bar. They invited Rhonda and Katrina. They were all planning to confront Katrina. Before Katrina arrived Tiye chatted with the rest of the women. She said that she handles intellectual property cases and had been a lawyer for two years.

Rhonda was ready for Katrina. The research that she dug up indicated that Katrina allegedly had gotten thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits when she worked full time in the past.

Katrina walked right into Rhonda’s trap when she told the group that  that she supports a fiscally conservative government. The government should only spend money on government items. Monique asked Katrina if she felt that too many people take advantage of the welfare system, and of course Katrina had to pour hot grease on the situation by saying that that people lie to get services.

“So why did you do it?” Rhonda asked. Katrina denied that she was working full-time when she received benefits from the government.

Rhonda was far from finished. She called Katrina a liar, hypocrite, and a thief in one smooth breath.

So, Katrina admitted that she shoplifted some clothes to get a job.

“Shoplifting for food I get, but you are shoplifting clothes to look good at a job interview? That’s not an excuse,” Rhonda said during her confessional.

You are the fakest hypocrite I’ve ever met, Rhonda said.

“This is nothing new. I’ve dealt with women like this my whole life,” Katrina shot back.

“Really? You’ve dealt with smart successful women who weren’t criminals like you?” Rhonda countered.

“No. I’ve dealt with rude, insulting, childish, b!t*&s. That’s what I’ve dealt with,” Katrina said without flinching.

“What I’m dealing with now is a hypocritical fake b!t*&,” Rhonda said.

Monique got up to go. “I think I should have left a lot earlier,” she admitted.

They all get up to go. Katrina told Rhonda that she loved her anyway. Rhonda told the other women that they shouldn’t invite her to another event with Katrina. She doesn’t have time for fake bi!*&s.

Vivian’s Client

Vivian met with her client Jesus, who was charged with evading arrest in a motor vehicle. Basically, he didn’t pull over immediately when the police wanted him to, and not pulling over when the police indicates to do so, is a felony offense in Texas. Jesus didn’t know that they were trying to pull him over, Vivian said and he could get up to 20 years.

Because he had prior arrests the DA will not go lower than two years in prison. Vivian was afraid Jesus would plead guilty, simply because he was afraid. She was relieved when he didn’t plead guilty and decided to go for a trial.

The LaTasha Allen Case

Rhonda visited LaTasha at her home, because it is challenging for LaTasha to get to her office,  She was seeking a settlement on LaTasha’s behalf for $40 million. The defendant in the case is a major retailer.

Before the accident, LaTasha helped people in crisis. The accident cost LaTasha her livelihood. She was making six figures a year, and now she has memory deficits. She reads at a 3rd grade level now. LaTasha also has dramatic and extreme mood swings. Rhonda said that LaTasha will not be able to get her PhD, and LaTasha cried as if she had never heard this information before, even though she was fully aware of it.

Rhonda comforted LaTasha by telling her that wasn’t not her fault. It was the fault of the trucking company that employed someone that they did not test for narcotics, and who was taking 4 to 5 Vicodin pills a day. It was their fault.

With therapy and treatment LaTasha could live a full life, but it would not be the life that she had before, Rhonda said.

In two weeks there would be a settlement conference. There was a previous settlement meeting, but it did not go well, and LaTasha was jaded on the entire process. Rhonda told LaTasha that she could stay home during the next settlement conference.

Rhonda and Juanita’s Argument

Rhonda was at the TV studio for Vivian’s show. She approached Juanita and told her what Jolanda had told her about their business being in the red when Juanita left.

“I’ve never operated a business that was in the red,” Rhonda said.

“We had a budget of what the business expenses would be, and I gave you a check for half of those expenses. What did you do? You would float bills. You know that you and I disagreed on that. My philosophy is that when my bills come in, I pay them,” Rhonda explained.

Juanita says that she felt that Rhonda had left her in the lurch. “I was going through a divorce. I had two kids. I moved in with my mother. I was struggling every day. You had a husband at home making over $200,000 a year. I was begging and borrowing and doing what I could do to survive and you were my best friend,” Juanita said.

“You never came to me for money,” Rhonda answered. “You never asked me for money. Instead, you were taking money….you were floating bills.”

Then they argued over how long they were partners. Rhonda said it was a couple of months, and Juanita said it was longer.

And they hadn’t even made it into the TV studio to participate in Vivian’s show. When Vivian came to out get them, she said that the two were “fighting like a bunch of of b!*c&s, and they had embarrassed her.

In the next episode, Rhonda tells some dirt on live TV about Juanita right on Vivian’s weekly show.

Filming Location Spotlight Destination

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Photo of Juanita Jackson by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE tv