Now that a certain duo has been eliminated, the Amazing Race is anyone’s race. The first place title and $1,000,000 is up for grabs. Some tricky maneuvering knocked out one of the most competitive teams in the race in the Monkey Dance episode that aired on at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on April 29, 2016 on CBS.


Still in Indonesia, the teams woke up from a boat. “We’re on a boat, like a pirate’s ship. This is where we slept all night. It was amazing,” Dana said.


“It was one of the most restful nights I’ve had on the entire race, slowly being rocked back and forth, hearing Brodie snore,”   Burnie said.

Tyler & Korey, the first to leave, had to race to Nusa Lembongan. Their mission was to retrieve one of three underwater canisters that contained the clues. There were only two clues in each clue box, so it was advantageous to get to the boxes first.

When they arrived and made the dive, Cole did not recognize the clue on the first try, so he swam over to another box. Cole had admitted that he had never snorkeled before, and his mother hadn’t snorkeled in at least 20 years. There was no clue at all there. Cole wasted a little time before he realized that the first box he tried had the clue. The Dancers were also looking for a laminated clue, and they didn’t recognize that the canisters in the box contained the clue.

Next, the teams took taxis to the Pura Puseh Stairway where they had to find the dancing money and get their next clue. The had to wear traditional sarongs, race up the steep stairs, and find a dancing monkey (a man dressed as a monkey). There were also musicians and other dancers there. The monkey man had  the clue, and he moved very quickly for a man in a monkey suit.

“Someone’s having a wicked party up at the top,” Ashley said when they made it to the stairs after Tyler and Korey.

The clue informed the teams of  Detours: Haul or Harvest

In Harvest the teams had to take a traditional canoe out on the water and collect seaweed from the bottom. They then had to take the seaweed to the beach and spread the seaweed over a tarp to dry. There had to be enough seaweed to completely cover the tarp. After they had covered it sufficiently, they received seaweed facial cream to wear and their next clue.

Haul required the teams to carry 50 large and heavy coconuts and four chickens across a shaky, crowded suspension bridge. The trick was to get there early to select the easy-going chickens. The teams who showed up later had to contend with chickens that didn’t want to be caught or carried anywhere, ever. Burnie & Ashley, Matt & Dana, Sheri & Cole, Brodie & Kurt, and Korey & Tyler chose the Haul Detour.

Korey & Tyler were ahead of the other teams, and they knew that they needed to stay out in front to avoid being detoured.

“I hope it doesn’t kaka doodle doo doo on me,” Korey said.

Dana had the most difficult time trying to get the chickens to cooperate. Matt suggested that they carry the chickens two at a time, but Dana said that she only knew how to pick up chicken after it has been cooked; she certainly needed both hands to nab a chicken that was running for its life.

“She was in the coop, and I see her running around, trying to grab these chickens. They’re all running away. Finally she got one,” Matt said of Dana’s attempts to catch chickens.

She needed two hands to get just one, so Dana could only get one chicken at at time. Chasing down chickens was not the only challenge in this detour. The teams were dropping the coconuts left and right, and the shaky bridge didn’t make balancing the huge heavy coconuts any easier.

With the sun beaming down on them, Brodie complained that he was sweating so much that he couldn’t grip the coconuts, so they were slipping out of his hands. As the other teams crossed the narrow rickety bridge, it shook and his coconuts fell.

By this time, all of the teams were going back and forth across the the bridge, trying to avoid the school children, local people and each other.

“There’s a U-Turn and we know there’s a target on our backs, so we had to make up some time,” Brodie said.

Korey & Tyler were the first to finish the Haul Detour.

They had to make their way Warug Sunrise to get to a Double U-Turn and their next clue. Two teams were able to U-Turn other teams.

One of the highlights of the game occurred when Korey & Tyler decided to Double U-Turn Brodie and Kurt.

“We love them, but if we want a chance at the finals, they’re the biggest threat. They’ve  gotten the most number ones. We’ve got to do it,” Tyler said.

Brodie & Kurt had come in first so many times that they had secured their position as strong competitors, maybe the strongest competitors in this season of the Amazing Race. Almost immediately after they U-Turned Brodie & Kurt, Tyler & Korey had regrets.

They were afraid that maybe their Double U-Turn wouldn’t work and somehow Brodie & Kurt would come out unscathed and on the road to winning the whole thing.

If Brodie & Kurt managed to U-Turn another team, they could beat that team and save themselves. However, that scenario could be avoided, and the friends quickly figured it out.

“It was a Double U-Turn, but if somebody U-Turns Sheri and Cole or the Dancers, Brodie and Kurt could stay alive,” Korey said.

“If Burnie and Ashley were smart, they could U-Turn us, just so no one else could use it,” Korey said.

“If he did, that would be smart for every team,” Tyler added.

As Brodie & Kurt approached the U-Turn area, they prayed that they were U-Turned. “We feel like Burnie and Ashley would never U-Turn us, but Korey & Tyler are a mystery.”

The teams had another Roadblock. This Roadblock was designed to scare the daylights out of anyone terrified of heights. They had to get to Pande Curly Shop Stand Up Paddleboards on the beach in Mushroom Bay where they would find the paddleboards that they would use to get to the cliff in the Blue Lagoon. Once at their destination, they had to climb a ladder up the cliff called Jump Rock, and dive from four stories high into the Blue Lagoon. The teams were concerned about Cole and his crippling fear of heights. If he didn’t make the jump, Brodie & Kurt could possibly come up and pass them, allowing Brodie & Kurt to stay in the game and forcing Sheri and Cole out.

Tyler had to do the cliff diving, and when he saw the instructor, he said that the guy had “body for days.” The diving instructor stretched him out, and Tyler was more than compliant. Even Burnie said that the Amazing Race organizers must have given the ugly dive instructor a day off.

Burnie & Ashley U-Turned Tyler & Korey, and that effectively filled the board, keeping Brodie and Kurt from being able to U-Turn anyone. Brodie & Kurt had to do the Harvest Detour if they U-Turned.

The two hurried to finish harvesting seaweed to stay in the game. They slipped on the wet, sandy beach, canoed out to the marked area, and took as much of the seaweed as they could in just one trip.

Sheri and Cole completed the Haul Detour before Dana & Matt. They got to the U-Turn area, but didn’t understand what was going on.

Cole must have mustered all of strength and nerve, because as afraid as he was, he scaled the cliff, stood at the top at it, and took the free fall into the clear water below. “I’m like panicking because I’m scared of heights,” Cole said when he realized that he had to complete the dive instead of his mother.

Since Cole was able to complete cliff jump into the Blue Lagoon, his team was not last. Instead, the Goliaths themselves, Brody and Kurt were the last to meet Phil at the Bajra Sandhi and were eliminated from the race.


Nusa Lembongan by Aussie Assault