Jared Levy and Misty Kingma were hanging out like a couple, riding bikes together on Tour Group, Sri You Next Tuesday, which aired on May 24, 2016 on BRAVO. Michelle Harvey and Heather Marianna spoke with Brandon about how they’d been feeling lately on the trip. Brandon Presser basically wanted to talk to them to put an end to their diva behavior.

So, everyone packed and prepared to go to their next destination, Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was two hours away by charter flight. Jenna Kingma, Misty Kingma’s sister felt a little left out as her sister cuddled up with Jared on the charter plane.

When they arrived to Sri Lanka it was 105 degrees. Brandon announced that they were taking a local bus to the hotel. Everyone complained about taking a hot, local bus. Misty said “Everyone is such a c*** right now.”  Brandon piggybacked on that idea and to lighten the mood, said, “If you are a giant c*** today, raise your hand!”

Michelle Harvey was immediately offended. “Whether it was to me or anybody else, it was unprofessional,” she said.

“If you cross my girl, she is going to come for you,” Jay Ward said. “And when she does, you are going to know it, too.”  He was right, because Michelle came for Brandon and she came hard. Michelle shouted that she didn’t think the comment was funny, and she demanded that somebody on the bus stand up with her and say something. Brandon apologized to everyone. What Brendon didn’t know was that Michelle was called the “c” word before and it hurt her terribly.

“I didn’t leave my son to come all the way across the world to get spoken to like that,” Michelle said tearfully. Sandhurst Miggins took Michelle and Heather were taken to the hotel, so they didn’t have to ride the local bus after all of the hoopla.

Brandon apologized personally to Michelle. He said that he had her back always, and if she didn’t feel that way, he apologized. They had roughly three weeks left on the trip.

Michael was humbled on the trip. It was his birthday, and he was also seven years clean from using drugs. He told the group that it was his dream to travel the world, because he had never been out of Georgia. Michael was traveling with his brother.

The travelers were split up during their day of sightseeing in Sri Lanka. Some of the group went shopping for saris and some of them when to the market to eat exotic foods.

The travelers went to the market and shopped, interacting with the local people. Rachel took her group out to eat pepper and try dried fish. Sandhurst was convinced to eat the fish. It was ok for the first three minutes, he said. Once it became liquid in his mouth, he was done.

Michelle got a henna tattoo, and Misty, Jenna, and Jared went to the pharmacy. They got into an uncomfortable conversation about Viagara. Jared bought some from the pharmacy. Brandon proposed that they go and play Cricket, but Heather didn’t want to play, which was strange, because Brandon thought that she signed up for the trip so that she could have different experiences and meet new people around the world.

Sandhurst led a game of Cricket and back at the hotel, first Amy spoke with Michelle, and then to Heather. Amy Grice and Heather were on good terms, and she was cordial with Heather, but Amy felt as though she was never sure as to when Heather would flip on her, get offended and go off on her.

Back at the street game, the Sri Lanka players won the game. Brandon invited Michael and his brother to come with him for a special treat. He had arranged for the men to eat with a Sri Lankan family. The family speaks very little English, which caused some concern for the Georgia guys. When they arrived at the house, Brandon, full of surprises, told them that he would not be joining them.


TOUR GROUP — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Sandhurst Miggins, Rachel Grant de Longueuil, Brandon Presser — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)