If you are traveling to a different part of the world, you quite naturally would want to buy something to help you remember the place and improve your well-being. You might have heard of some of the super foods below, but do you know the origins of these foods? Maybe when you are on your next trip, you can seek out and buy some of these health and beauty super foods and products directly from the source.

 1. Argan Oil, Morocco

Moroccan Argan oil is used as a moisturizer for the skin. This superfood also is used as a conditioner and a hair styling product. If you visit Morocco, look for cooperatives where Argan is sold on the road between Marrakesh and Essaouira.  The oil is expensive. You can get a small bottle of it for less than $10, but expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars for bigger quantities.


 2. Shea Butter, Ghana, West Africa

West African shea butter is used to nourish the skin and moisturize the hair. It’s great to use in the winter months, but since it absorbs well into your skill, it’s also appropriate for the summer. Look for shea butter at markets in Ghana. People there use it as a cooking oil, and you can find it almost anywhere where food is sold in Ghana.


 3. Coconut Oil, Thailand

Pure organic virgin coconut oil from Thailand is edible, so it’s great to add to salads and as a replacement for other oils in your cooking. It’s great for your skin, too. Organic coconut is solid in cooler temperatures, but melts when it is in contact with your skin. There’s a long list of health benefits for using coconut oil. This superfood is used to remove make-up, as a lotion, as a skin softening ingredient in soap, and as a natural energy boost.


 4. Goji Berries, China

Goji berries from China are actually Wolfberries. Do not confuse them with actual Goji berries that are from Tibet. Goji berries can help raise energy levels and make your skin look and feel healthier. Of course, you can search for goji berries in Chinese markets or you can order them online.

5. Maca, Peru


Peruvian maca is typically available in a powdered form. It has a slightly caramel flavor and can be used in smoothies to rejuvenate you and increase your stamina.  Maca is said to help improve your concentration and focus, and if you are a woman you might want to know that some people have claimed that maca can relieve cramps; they say that it can help improve hormonal imbalances. Maca is grown in the Peruvian Andes.


6. Ginseng, South Korea

Korean ginseng is sold in large supermarkets in South Korea. Of course, there are different qualities of ginseng, and typically you will pay more for the better quality ginseng. You can’t miss the bright red and gold displays where ginseng is sold. Ginseng has substances called ginsenosides which are purported to boost immunity and reduce stress, according to Visit Korea.